GMC Refrigerazione logo, organisation in the HVAC&R industry, partners of ATMOsphere Conferences

GMC Refrigerazione is a young and dynamic company working in the HVACR industry since 2002, with professionalism and a strong background in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems components. GMC achieved a rapid grow-up offering high quality product made in Italy and developing innovative solutions to constantly meet customer satisfaction and new market requests.

GMC is now working with national and international customers and the high quality of its products, with ISO 9001:2015 certification. High quality, flexibility and top of the market services allows GMC to constantly adapt to the new dynamics of the markets and be at the forefront of the latest industry innovations. GMC is focused on the design and the production of valves, filters, indicators and accessories for refrigerants.
With an eye on ozone depletion and global warming issues, GMC has developed green products for the implementation on environmentally friendly systems using CO2 or hydrocarbon refrigerant.