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With over 60 years in the commercial kitchen equipment and food service markets, Hoshizaki is a global leading manufacturer in commercial Ice Equipment. Creators of Japan´s first fully automatic ice maker, Hoshizaki now features an extended product line, for different users across a wide span of industry including food, beverage, bars and restaurants, bio-science, healthcare and education.

Hoshizaki operates sales offices in Europe, Japan and the U.S. with distribution throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa, North and South America, Asia Pacific including China, and Australia.

Hoshizaki has rightfully gained an international reputation for sustainable innovation, durability and reliability. The company is noted for developing energy/water efficient, environmentally friendly (Hydro Fluorocarbon free) Ice Makers and Refrigerators, adding value for the end-user through cost-saving and sustainability.

All machines are designed and specified by Hoshizaki’s dedicated Research and Development team, which ensures Hoshizaki continues to devise innovative and sustainable products that cement the company’s position as one of the world’s visionary suppliers. Hoshizaki also innovates in the sectors it operates, for example in hospitality end-users can choose ice-makers that produce different types of ice from ball ice to flaked which make the difference in quality beverages such as cocktails.