IBP Group logo, organisation in the HVAC&R industry, partners of ATMOsphere Conferences

The IBP Group is a globally focused business encompassing the design, manufacture and supply of plumbing fittings, valves and bathroom products. With a heritage dating back to 1873, the business has developed over the decades through acquisition and development into the IBP Group of today. It is headquartered in the UK with European production facilities serving commercial offices across the globe.

One of the IBP Group’s leading brands is Conex Bänninger, a leading European plumbing fittings and valves manufacturer founded in 1909 that supplies innovative plumbing solutions. Conex Bänninger specialises in providing a wide range of plumbing fittings for customers in the domestic, commercial, industrial, HVAC and shipbuilding markets worldwide. A dedicated OEM division specialises in bespoke fabrications and assemblies for a broad cross section of customers.