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Over the past 110 years, the work of KUNDO has continued to be creative and innovative, and they have been able to set technological milestones – for instance, in wireless technology, in energy-saving switch panel designs, CO2 gas warning systems, metering solutions or new technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT). Despite all these different developments, the company has always been driven by the vision: ‘Our products have to visibly improve the lives of people.’

The company has developed a gas detection system CO2 CONTROL, which is a decentralized safety system for monitoring harmful CO2 concentrations in artificially ventilated spaces. In order to use CO2 as a natural coolant, it is important for areas with equipment and facilities requiring oversight to be monitored for CO2 leakages and to prevent health hazards. The CO2 CONTROL gas warning system fulfils the statutory requirements and is used in the following situations: safeguarding of cold and deep-freeze rooms at supermarkets and discounters, safeguarding of work environments and all danger zones in which leakages are possible through vaporisers, cable connections or other danger points.