Logix Controls HVAC&R company - refrigeration company supporting networking events on natural refrigerants

Logix® Controls has served the Industrial Refrigeration market for over 30 years, developing and delivering the most capable refrigeration controls to its customers and users. By building safety, efficiency, and sustainability into every industrial refrigeration system controller solution we provide, Logix® helps you maintain the highest quality product while ensuring the lowest carbon footprint possible. 

The Logix® Refrigeration Control System (RCS) is delivered with the robust Axiom™III processor and intuitive Clarity Software to provide the most holistic approach to effectively manage any industrial refrigeration system, utilizing Ammonia (NH3) or Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Logix® controllers provides users with capability to not only communicate with every piece of equipment within the refrigeration system, but also allows for users to communicate with other equipment within the facility along with providing a means to integrate with cloud-based technologies for AI and IoT needs.