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Olab, natural refrigerants sustainability conference / event

Since 1988, OLAB S.r.l. has established itself as an Italian leader in sustainable refrigeration. With a team of 250 dedicated professionals, our 30,000-square-meter manufacturing facility in Torbole Casaglia (BS) produces “100% Made in OLAB” products with over 50 registered patents. embodying our core values: history, people, passion and technology.

The Natural Refrigerant Specialist (NRS) philosophy is the embodiment of our ongoing commitment to sustainable innovation. An approach that has overcome past limitations and anticipated sustainable refrigeration market trends for CO2 and R290 systems. Our revolutionary Series Revolution (Patent Pending) product line has transformed the ball valve design.

This all-stainless steel flanged ball valve for R744 (CO2) systems supports 150 bar with safety coefficient 3 450 bar. By eliminating the need for direct welds on the valve body, it prevents overheating and consequent damage to internal seals, ensuring unparalleled performance and 100% leak-proof operations.

The Series Revolution range has recently expanded with the introduction of the Series Revolution Brass. Made entirely of brass, this variant provides a pressure of 140 bar. We also launched the Series Revolution 3-Way, a 3-way stainless steel ball valve that retains all the benefits of its 2-way sister (150 bar with a safety coefficient of 3 450 bar). The 2-way and 3-way solutions in the Series Revolution range can operate via an actuator, thanks to the important partnership between OLAB and Belimo; two industry leaders who embody quality and efficiency.

OLAB’s commitment to innovation and a 100% no-leakage future has just begun, and we look forward to continuing our revolution for an increasingly green and safe hermetic circuit.