OLAB S.r.l. is an Italian leader in the sustainable refrigeration industry, established in 1988 by Cesare Bottura, and proudly family-owned to this day. Nestled in our 30,000 square-meter production facility in Torbole Casaglia (BS), our team of 250 dedicated professionals crafts products that are not only genuinely Made in Italy but also carry the “100% Made in OLAB” seal of excellence. As a company with a distinct and robust identity, our corporate philosophy thrives on four core values: history, people, passion, and technology.

Environmental, economic and social sustainability is for OLAB a true and competitive factor. As market trends shift towards A2L, A3, and R744 natural gases, OLAB stands at the forefront thanks to its decades of know-how, leveraging our expertise to address traditional challenges associated with flammable gases and CO2. Our comprehensive range of products prioritizes safety without compromising performance.

Fueled by investment in advanced technology and R&D, OLAB’s relentless pursuit of innovation is evident in our 50+ registered patents, including the groundbreaking Series Revolution (Patent Pending). This all-stainless steel flanged ball valve for R744 (CO2) systems raises the bar for high-pressure operations (150 bar – 2175,57 psi guaranteed with Safety Factor 3 – 450 bar – 6526,71 psi) by eliminating the need for direct welds on the valve body.

Experience OLAB’s future-proof solutions. Together, we’ll revolutionize the industry one Series Revolution ball valve at a time.