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Profroid is the European manufacturing leader of ready-to-use refrigeration equipment for industrial and commercial applications.

With more than 60 years of experience, they are present in 56 countries around the world. On the French territory, as worldwide, a sales team with nearly 30 people offers proximity service to the contractor.

Their unique range of products in Europe covers air coolers, condensers, commercial and industrial condensing units, power packs, as well as customized products specially adapted to your applications ranging from 500 Watts up to the Megawatt. From their production site in Aubagne, our commitment is to deliver industrial-quality products based on a comprehensive certification, conformity to regulation (CE and PED) and performance certification (ENV327 by TUV and Cetiat) not to mention several factory performed quality tests.

Featuring reactivity, they focus on providing the best lead time for their services and products. Environmental topics are subject to great attention with an innovative product offer in the field of energy savings and use of ecological fluid such as CO2.