RLS LLC (Rapid Locking Systems) logo, company in the refrigeration sector, partners of ATMOsphere Conferences 2

RLS LLC (Rapid Locking Systems) is a Marmon/Berkshire Hathaway Company based in Shelbina, Missouri, USA. The company manufacturers various patented press to connect fittings designed to handle the pressures and unique requirements of todays modern HVAC and refrigeration systems. 

These quick and reliable connections include copper press to connect fittings sold in the contractor channel by their partner Parker Sporlan under the brand name Zoomlock. The company also manufactures and sells aluminum press to connect fittings for ammonia systems and in early 2018 will introduce stainless press to connect fittings for CO2systems. These stainless press to connect fittings will be certified to 150 bar. All press to connect fittings produced by RLS can be installed in under 30 seconds utilizing press tools and jaws from the worlds leading press tool manufacturers.