Scantec HVAC&R organisation supporting networking events on natural refrigerants

Scantec Refrigeration Technologies, a design and construction refrigeration specialist, pioneered the low charge, central ammonia refrigeration plant. Centralized low charge ammonia refrigeration plants feature up to three times lower annual energy consumption than industry standard HFC based systems and up to one third lower annual energy consumption than conventional liquid overfeed systems. An investment in future proofing by switching from HFC to low charge ammonia will be returned in as little as five years.

Based on multiple experiences of 20+ refrigeration and air conditioning plant users in the last five years, Scantec recommends to switch to low charge ammonia refrigeration or air conditioning solutions to reduce costs and avoid exposing your business to rapidly escalating HFC costs and several other supply risk factors.

Scantec Refrigeration Technologies specialise in the design, installation, automation and servicing of industrial and commercial refrigeration plants predominantly employing environmentally benign natural refrigerant such as NH3 and CO2.