Sphere Solutions logo, company in the refrigeration sector, partners of ATMOsphere Conferences

Sphere Solutions is a company that focusses on expertly engineered solutions for the cooling environment that are designed to be future-fit; it is also our approach to purposeful business, insight, partnerships, and people. We are passionate and focused, and are conscious that every one of our actions must have a significant positive impact. We are mindful of the present and of the future, committed to practical idealism about the role we play in a changing world and the mindsets of all who live in it. We design with a conscience. We create with foresight. We are sustainable by design. 

Sphere Solutions manufactures a green, technologically-advanced, customisable range of solutions for all heating and cooling needs. Using their engineering, technical and design expertise, Sphere Solutions produces unique products such as CO2 transcritical refrigeration packs, chillers and heat pumps, based on customer size and requirements.