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Teklab, natural refrigerants sustainability conference

Teklab is a Company founded in 1990 in Modena (Italy), who manufactures Infrared Level SensorsOil Level Regulators and Controllers.

Its specialization is to offer a wide range of Electro-Optic Liquid Level Sensors based on Infrared Emission Technology.

Considering that sensors are critical components in any high-technology equipment where safety is paramount, their quality and reliability are very important. Teklab products are known for their stringent quality control and are designed to comply with various national and international standard and certifications. Teklab’s product portfolio includes electronic solutions with an extended chemical compatibility, that can be used for both Oil and Refrigerant.

Since the very beginning of the introduction of CO2 as a Refrigerant, Teklab was committed to follow the Green-Way and developed reliable solutions for Natural-Refrigerant Cooling Systems and Heat Pumps.

Maintaining internally the control on the Design, Product Development, Manufacture and Test Process, Teklab has the flexibility to cooperate with the Customer and fulfil any particular requirement, also by developing Customized and Tailored Solutions.

Nowadays, Teklab provides solutions in more than 120 countries, and it’s worldwide recognized as a growing and trustworthy partner with its high-technology products, which represent a reliable and value-for-money solution.