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Tewis Smart is a firm specialised in developing and commercialising integrated solutions in industrial and commercial cooling, air conditioning and energy efficiency. 

The company boasts a workforce trained to cover each project’s key needs thanks to their experience and know-how in the areas of engineering, refrigeration, and regulation and monitoring. They cover any plant or industrial process within food and beverage, logistical platforms, chemical and pharmaceutical companies, meat and fish processing, fruit and vegetable distribution and many other sectors.

Tewis owns its own laboratories for experimenting with new technologies that enable attaining greater efficiency in our installations and propose personalised solutions for each client. These laboratories also offer training to refrigeration engineers, installers and professionals based on the theoretical and practical study of applied technological innovations.

Tewis proposals are different from traditional proposals in the sector, enabling a substantial reduction in investment costs and stress-free control of installation costs. The company works with solutions based on CO2, NH3, and heat transfer fluids among others, always offering installations with an optimised ratio of efficiency to investment to sustainability.