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Westermeyer Industries designs, manufactures, and distributes high-quality components for the refrigeration and air conditioning industries, both for commercial and industrial applications. Products include pressure vessels such as oil separators, receivers, accumulators, oil filters, condensers, and evaporators, as well as level and pressure detection devices and a range of replacement parts.

The engineering team at Westermeyer Industries offers complete design services, providing custom components to fit unique system specifications, as well as a standard offering of catalog components. Westermeyer also offers a variety of specialized products and services from simple metal fabrication to custom subassemblies.

The entire Westermeyer product line is manufactured in accordance with industry standards, including ASME, UL, and CRN certification for applicable products. Westermeyer Industries products are subjected to design verification with an in-house testing system, where each product that leaves the facility is pneumatically tested using nitrogen to validate product quality.

“We strive to be component and accessory problem-solvers. Our goal is to enhance product efficiencies and increase reliability, so we are constantly looking for ways to improve existing products, along with the research and development of new designs.”