ATMOsphere Network EuroShop 2020

Düsseldorf – February 18, 2020


ATMOsphere Network comes to EuroShop to introduce the new era of sustainable retail!  Sponsred by Life-C4R; an EU-funded project under grant agreement n° LIFE 17 CCM/IT/000120.

The afternoon will include an exciting Keynote Presentation, special results from Life-C4R, and an interactive session for the audience to get involved.  This will be followed by a networking cocktail.

As the world’s leading retail trade show, EuroShop is an important barometer of future developments in the retail trade. The ATMO Network events will focus on the advantages, importance to climate change, and technological developments related to natural refrigerants globally and will provide a unique opportunity to share best practices with experts in an informal framework. 

The events are targeted towards retailers, industry and policy decision-makers who are looking for technologically viable, safe and efficient alternatives to HFCs for commercial refrigeration applications.

The Life-C4R project has received funding from the European Union under grant agreement n° LIFE 17 CCM/IT/000120


LIFE C4R will demonstrate the feasibility and efficiency of innovative technological solutions for the commercial refrigeration sector that are able to reduce the GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions and particularly HFCs.

The main targets of the project are :

To develop a technology that allows a minimum of 10% energy savings in commercial refrigerating plant in any country, with any external temperature

To prove the possibility to completely substitute HCFC and HFC with CO2 in any climate or market condition




Kicking off the event will be a dynamic interaction on the status of the natural refrigeration industry.  Everything you need to know about global trends and challenges!

Marc Chasserot, shecco
William Pagani, Epta
See presentation


A talk by an exciting presenter on the role of natural refrigerants in climate change mitigation.

Fionnuala WalravensEnvironmental Investigation Agency (EIA)
See presentation


Exciting results from the C4R project will be presented!  This is the perfect chance to learn the latest on this LIFE funded project.

Francesco Mastrapasqua, Epta
See presentation


A talk from a large supermarket end-user (Inres-Coop of Italy) on their experiences with R744, their challenges, and future plans.

Fortunato Della GuerraInres-Coop
See presentation

18:15 | Q&A SESSION

An interactive Q&A session for the audience to ask questions directly to those presenting.


Complimentary drinks and finger food will be offered to facilitate further discussion and networking from participants and speakers.


Marc Chasserot

Marc Chasserot

Marc Chasserot

CEO, shecco

Marc Chasserot is a specialist in natural refrigeration with over 15 years of experience in the HVAC&R sector, starting as the Marketing Manager for the Norsk Hydro business unit specialised in CO2 transcritical refrigeration and heating. He worked closely with several Japanese manufacturers selling the market innovative “CO2 Ecocute heatpumps”.

In 2006 Marc founded the industry leading website for CO2 cooling and heating experts worldwide, called This was followed by three additional industry resources for hydrocarbons, water and ammonia (namely:, and

Marc is co-founder and CEO of shecco, an independent market development company specialised in bringing Natural Refrigerants ‘faster to market’, working with numerous companies worldwide. Marc has chaired and organised several international workshops bringing together leading policy and industry experts to discuss ‘how to bring natural refrigerants’ faster to market, known as ‘ATMOsphere’. He is also an active member of ASHRAE.

William Pagani

William Pagani

William Pagani

Group Marketing Director, Epta

Graduated in 1999 in Business Management from Milan Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, he started his career in the Robert Bosch Group in Italy and continued in Switzerland, where he worked until 2001. He was later appointed Sales & Marketing Manager for Bosch’s Power Tools Accessories segment in the Louisville (KY) and Chicago (IL) offices in USA and eventually returned to the Swiss branch as Sales Director. In 2006, he joined Brembo SpA as Aftermarket Sales Director.

William pursued his professional growth in the Epta Group, where in 2010 he filled the position of International Sales Director, later became International Sales & Marketing Director and lastly, in 2015, Group Marketing Director. In the current position, William Pagani is called to advocate company growth and sustainable development, in consonance with the new corporate leading concept “#EptaExperience is the way”. This concept accurately interprets the Company’s mission – “Proud to contribute to the success of our customer’s sales outlet. Simple, safe and appealing purchases” – and its will to contribute to the success of its Customers, by transforming retail stores from Points of Sale into Points of Experience. It also confirms Epta’s commitment in being an industry at the service of innovation, to offer Operators in the Retail, Ho.Re.Ca. and Food & Beverage sectors complete industrialized solutions to satisfy their every need, all over the world.

Fionnuala Walravens

Fionnuala Walravens

Fionnuala Walravens

Senior Campaigner, EIA – Environmental Investigation Agency

Fionnuala is a consultant for EIA’s climate team. She first joined EIA in 2007. During her time there she developed EIA’s pioneering supermarket refrigeration campaign-Chilling Facts, which helped kick start a global shift towards natural refrigerants. She also led an investigation into illegal trade in E-waste leaving the UK destined for West Africa. Her areas of focus have included; the Montreal Protocol, the EU F-gas regulation, illegal trade in ODS and F-gases and removing HFC-23 from carbon trading schemes.

After leaving school with a European Baccalaureate she studied Anthropology at University College London where she graduated with a B.Sc (hons) and has a Masters of Research in Primatology from Roehampton University, London.

Francesco Mastrapasqua

Francesco Mastrapasqua

Francesco Mastrapasqua

Marketing Manager, Refrigeration Systems, Epta

After graduating in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering in 1993 in Padua, Italy, Francesco Mastrapasqua started his career as a Commercial and Marketing Manager in the area of robotic and handling factory automation. Since 2003, he has gained a wide experience in business development, international sales, key account and marketing in several HVAC&R multinational companies. Since 2009 at Epta, he has focused on natural refrigeration and environmentally sustainable systems applied to the commercial retail business.

Epta has a leading position as a turnkey system provider and offers to its clients fully comprehensive assistance and training. from the choice of the ideal solution to its implementation and maintenance, including a permanent training center in the CO2 Excellence Center in the UK.

Fortunato Della Guerra

Fortunato Della Guerra

Fortunato Della Guerra

Technical Director, Inres-Coop

Fortunato Della Guerra was born in 1963, graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Florence University. He worked in Energy field and Quality Assurance. Since 2000 at INRES, today he is the Technical Director. INRES ins the national consortium of Consumer cooperatives that provides them technical services. INRES Mission: “To be the excellent heart and the central management unit of three macro- process: design, building and fitting out of retail shop”. Founded in 1969 INRES is the national consortium that plans and designs supermarkets, hypermarkets and shopping center, is responsiblefrom architectural design, till openings, through Civil works, HVAC, Electrical plants and everything it’s needed for supermarkets and shopping centers building.




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