Based in the UK, AB Group has a wide range of expertise in mechanical and electrical systems with a special focus on HVAC&R. Its team works directly with large end-users, offering tailored sustainable solutions and assisting in the drive for innovation, development and delivery of strategies. Meeting energy reduction targets as well as regulatory requirements and changes are one of AB Group’s long-term goals.


Every breath exhaled by an average person contains 3-4% CO2. Ours probably contains more because we live and breathe to use CO2 in the world’s best, sustainable CO2 refrigeration systems.

As a market-leading OEM manufacturer, Advansor has been building more than 4,500 CO2 systems for supermarkets and industrial customers around the world since 2006. 

We decided to use CO2 in refrigeration systems and to combat global warming. We have made our vision a reality: We design and produce the world’s best sustainable CO2 refrigeration systems.

CO2 is often associated with global warming. However, we don’t lose our cool. Literally. Because CO2 is the most climate-friendly refrigerant:


We have paved the way for the commercial distribution of CO2 refrigeration systems, and we are proud to deliver sustainable systems with advanced technology at competitive prices. Our driving forces are technology, knowledge, the climate and a desire to win – both as a team and in close, candid partnership with our customers and suppliers.


Spanish version – Cada espiración de una persona normal contiene un 3-4 % de CO2. Las nuestras seguramente contengan más, porque vivimos (nos dejamos el aliento en ello) solo para usar CO2 en los mejores sistemas de refrigeración con CO2 sostenibles del mundo.​

Decidimos usar CO2 en los sistemas de refrigeración y luchar contra el calentamiento global. ​Hemos hecho realidad ese objetivo: diseñamos y producimos los mejores sistemas de refrigeración con CO2 sostenibles del mundo.​ Somos fabricantes de equipos originales líderes en el mercado y llevamos construidos más de 6500 sistemas con CO2 para supermercados y clientes industriales de todo el mundo desde 2006.​

El CO2 suele asociarse al calentamiento global. No obstante, nosotros mantenemos la cabeza fría. En sentido literal. Porque el CO2 es el refrigerante más respetuoso con el medioambiente: ​

  • No es tóxico.​
  • No afecta a la capa de ozono.​
  • No contribuye al calentamiento global.​
  • Es eficiente desde el punto de vista energético.​

​De ahí nuestra afirmación: “We’re cool with CO2” (“Tenemos buen clima con el CO2”).​

Fabricamos nuestros propios sistemas en Dinamarca y Polonia.​

Contamos con una proyección internacional que nos permite prestar servicio a los clientes en más de 30 países.​ Nuestra sede central está ubicada en la agrupación industrial de refrigerantes naturales de Brabrand (Dinamarca), cerca de la ciudad de Aarhus.


Aerofoil Energy Ltd, with its partner Williams Advanced Engineering, developed award-winning energy saving technology that enables supermarkets to dramatically reduce energy consumption, save electricity costs, increase aisle temperatures and improve product temperature control thereby reducing food wastage. 

Aerofoil Energy invented a profiled Aerofoil™blade that attaches to the end of the shelves in open fridges and is designed to keep cold air within the refrigeration unit. This energy saving device has been optimised by Williams’ engineering specialists who have lent their aerodynamics expertise to the development of Aerofoil™ technology. The company’s expanding customer base now includes a number of large UK supermarkets.


Safe and easy converting for natural Refrigerants by AGRAMKOW (Turnkey Manufacturing solutions for Environmental friendly Refrigerants CO2/HC’s). AGRAMKOW continues the success with the EMAC CO2 for charging CO2 (R744) and the SARAMAX for charging hydro Carbons (R290, R600a) together with the SAFE EN system which completes the line for charging natural refrigerants. All turnkey solutions are adapted for local safety regulations in USA (high pressure, flammability etc.) and follow the latest IEC global Safety standard EN ISO 13849-1 and FM Global.


AHT – the “green” manufacturer. For more than 30 years, the Austrian refrigeration and deep freeze specialist AHT Cooling Systems has successfully supplied the worldwide market with high-quality and reliable ready-to-use refrigerators and freezers for trade, business and gastronomy and has all well-known supermarket, discount and trade chains worldwide as its customers. At the company’s headquarters in Rottenmann, Austria as well as in the production plants in Changshu, PRC and Navegantes (SC), Brasil, around 1.500 employees manufacture more than 250,000 eco-oriented and energy-saving plug-in units each year, and the trend is increasing.


Alfa Laval is a leading global provider of specialised products and engineering solutions based on its key technologies of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling. It is present in nearly 100 countries. Alfa Laval is continously developing new heat exchanger solutions to support the transition towards natural refrigerants.


AREA designs, produces and distributes refrigeration and air-conditioning components and systems since 1986. Our headquarters is located in Sta. Perpetua de la Mogoda (Barcelona) – Spain, while the AREA Design Center is in Wroclaw (Poland).

spanish version – En AREA diseñamos, fabricamos y distribuimos soluciones para la creación de sistemas frigoríficos y de climatización desde 1986. Con más de 30 años de experiencia en el sector, ofrecemos equipos y componentes de todo el ciclo de refrigeración. La sede de la compañía se encuentra en Sta. Perpetua de la Mogoda (Barcelona), mientras que el centro de I+D y fabricación AREA se halla en Wroclaw (Polonia).


Arneg is a world leader in commercial refrigeration solutions serving the food retail industry since 1963. Arneg group comprises 21 production facilities, 18 international representative offices and a worldwide distribution network covering more than 100 countries.

The global dimension is the one attribute that best describes Arneg Group. Arneg’s international leadership position is built on its R&D and international Operations capabilities. A wealth of knowledge and ideas constantly circulate throughout Arneg Group’s Product Development, Manufacturing, Sales & Distribution, and Service Departments around the world.

Such synergies provide for cutting-edge refrigeration technology, unparalleled quality products and superior service. Arneg’s business practices respect and support the environment.


ATS is a multinational company wholly owned subsidiary of Collins Aerospace . Through a series of acquisitions, and mergers, ATS has grown over the years. With over 25 years in the temperature control applications such as Electronics, Photovoltaic, Food & Beverage and Medical. We are your one source for highly reliable, compact and efficient temperature control system. Our state of the art technology, reliability, and product offerings make us your one source for temperature control systems and with the backing of a multi-billion dollar corporation, advanced technology requirements for tomorrow’s processes is here today.


The ARA is a non-profit association comprised of people and organisations that aims to build a significant membership in all RAC functions. The association delivers solutions and assistance relevant to all participants in the RAC supply chain including design& assessment, training, commercialisation, installation, operation & maintenance, and disposal.

The purpose of the organisation is to advance the science and practice of refrigeration; in the national interest, in all of its applications, in the development of its methods and technology, and in its uses in the community.


The ARC Green Scheme Accreditation program is a qualifications-based, accreditation for refrigeration and air conditioning technicians. Accreditation demonstrates technicians are qualified to work with natural and low global warming potential refrigerants.

For technicians, being accredited will improve your employability, and for contracting companies, will improve your capacity to provide services in the emerging area of systems containing refrigerants that are flammable and operate under high pressure.


Axima Refrigeration is market leader in industrial refrigeration and also active in commercial cooling & transport cooling. With over 35 years of experience, our service and maintenance department has a solid reputation. Axima Refrigeration focuses on ecology, energy and economy, offering innovative concepts and sustainable, energy efficient & ecological solutions, taking into account the return on investment of the technical installations. 


Azane is a world-leading manufacturer of low charge ammonia cooling solutions. Their range of low charge, packaged ammonia products are suitable for cold storage warehouses, refrigerated storage, process cooling, air-conditioning, ice rinks, and more. The Azane range, now made in the USA, has been developed specifically to help meet the environmental and legislative challenges currently facing the refrigeration industry. Azane’s flagship low charge ammonia solutions – the Azanefreezer and Azanechiller – are designed to be simple to install, easy to maintain and provide the lowest possible total life cycle cost.


Baker Refrigeration is a fourth generation family company, in operation since 1931. The company specialises in refrigeration and air-conditioning solutions for the commercial & supermarket sectors. With offices in the five mainland states, the company can provide the necessary design, installation and maintenance services that customers are demanding. Energy conscious customers are seeking their CO2 technology, and with the technical expertise of the European Epta Group, offer state of the art solutions in both display cases and compressor packs.


With over 80 years of industry-leading innovation and experience, BAC creates cutting-edge cooling equipment for the HVAC, Industrial, and Refrigeration marketplaces. We solve customers’ unique needs with our expertise and wide range of high-performance systems. BAC leverages the power of evaporative cooling by optimizing the balance of water and energy, but the true BAC difference lies in our absolute commitment to creating sustainable solutions and delivering value to you, our customer.


Beijer Ref is a technology-oriented trading Group which, through added-value products, offers its customers competitive solutions within refrigeration and air conditioning.

Beijer Ref is one of the largest refrigeration wholesalers in the world, and is represented in Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Holland, Norway, Romania, Switzerland, Slovakia, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, Ghana, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Australia and New Zealand.


BITZER is a global leader in the manufacture of screw, scroll and semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors for commercial A/C and refrigeration applications. Their natural refrigerant portfolio includes compressors designed for CO2 and ammonia. BITZER began producing CO2 compressors in 1998 and has a wide range of UL approved sub-critical compressors and trans-critical models. BITZER US also manufactures ASME certified receivers for CO2 applications.

BITZER offers open drive screw and reciprocating compressors for ammonia applications, and BITZER US recently launched a line of ammonia screw packages ranging from 15 – 600 tons.


Blupura is an Italian manufacturer of high quality and high design drinking water coolers and water fountains. The company follows an eco-friendly philosophy: the cold water produced by their water coolers is not only an affordable, efficient and safe alternative to bottled water, but Blupura is also the first water-cooler manufacturer in the world to use compressors with natural refrigerant gases (R290) with zero impact on global warming. Known as the Hospitality Specialist, Blupura provides the Fontemagna models for the Horeca industry, the City range contains outdoor and indoor fountains, and Wave water-coolers are designed for the office. Within its product range Blupura has added Blusoda, the smallest high-end water cooler for the domestic sector that works with a natural refrigerant gas. For the North American market in particular, Blupura offers both drinking water coolers and water fountains with R290 (110 V).


LIFE C4R will demonstrate the feasibility and efficiency of innovative technological solutions for the commercial refrigeration sector that are able to reduce the GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions and particularly HFCs.

EPTA and its project partners EPTA IBERIA and DAAS will put in place technical and marketing/dissemination activities related to refrigeration systems based on CO2 to achieve such goals.

The main targets of the project are :

To develop a technology that allows a minimum of 10% energy savings in commercial refrigerating plant in any country, with any external temperature

To prove the possibility to completely substitute HCFC and HFC with CO2 in any climate or market condition.


CAREL is a world leader in control solutions for air-conditioning, refrigeration and heating, and systems for humidification and evaporative cooling. Our products are designed to bring energy savings and reduce the environmental impact of machinery and systems. Our solutions are used in commercial, industrial and residential applications. 

Founded in 1973, in 2020 CAREL had a turnover of more than 331 million euros, with over 1700 employees, 23 fully-owned subsidiaries and 9 production sites, in addition to partners and distributors in a further 75 countries. 

Research & Development are the heart of our commitment. A total of approximately 6% of consolidated sales is regularly reinvested in Research & Development, in order to anticipate customer needs and supply advanced solutions. CAREL also operates two research laboratories, one focused on thermodynamics and the other on humidification, true points of excellence in their respective fields.


For over 80 years, Carlyle has led the development of compressors. Their products can be found around the world – from the first nuclear sub to grocer’s freezers to entire bus fleets. They are committed to providing with the most that a compressor can possibly give you – high efficiency, low operating costs, optional capacity control systems, and Carlyle’s world-famous reliability.


Carnot Refrigeration was established in 2008 with the goal of addressing several issues in the supermarket sector : increasing energy costs, uncontrollable leaks of polluting refrigerants, redundant maintenance costs, lack of reliability of systems etc. Thanks to a gradual and thorough innovation process, Carnot Refrigeration succeeded to design and develop an optimal CO2 refrigeration system, now recognized by many associations and clients (GreenChill, ASHRAE, Green Building Council etc.). It has taken the lead in its field by creating eco-efficient CO2 systems, providing high-efficiency options such as heat reclaim or innovative defrost processes. Carnot Refrigeration is the company with the most GreenChill platinum-level certifications and one of the most experienced companies in CO2 refrigeration in North America, meeting the needs of supermarkets, refrigerated warehouses as well as sports facilities (arenas).


Carrier Commercial Refrigeration is a leading supplier of high-efficiency turnkey refrigeration systems and services in the food retail industry. We are committed to improving refrigeration through sustainable products and processes, and improving merchandising through technical innovation. Carrier is continuously securing the cold chain for its customers to help people safely enjoy fresh food. Carrier Commercial Refrigeration operates 24 branch locations in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and is a part of Carrier, a leading global provider of innovative heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, fire, security and building automation technologies.

Spanish version – Carrier ofrece soluciones sostenibles, integrando soluciones de eficiencia energética, controles de edificios y servicios de ahorro energético para clientes residenciales, comerciales, retail, transporte y alimentación. Carrier forma parte de UTC Climate, Controls & Security, una unidad de United Technologies Corp., proveedor líder de la industria aeroespacial y de sistemas de construcción en todo el mundo.


Carter Retail Equipment Ltd. is a member of Carter Thermal Industries, a privately owned group of companies established in Birmingham, UK since 1945. Carter Retail Equipment Ltd. provides its customers’ with a total solution for refrigerated display equipment and back of house cold storage. It is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading brands in this field and offers complete service including manufacturing, design & development, project management, installation and after sales service.

The group’s manufacturing operations combine engineering expertise with innovation to remain at the leading edge of technology. Contracting operations excel through design and management skills whilst sound engineering experience and up to date understanding of technical developments provide the basis for the care and maintenance operations.


Castel is a leading supplier of refrigeration and air conditioning components, a 100% Italian-owned family-run company which has grown and established a name for itself since 1961 thanks to its outstanding innovation and constant desire to conquer new markets in Italy and abroad. Castel is active in the refrigeration & air conditioning fields in more than 90 countries. Castel’s commitment towards the environment takes it to offer innovative CO2 products that satisfy its customers while respecting the environment.

The vast range of Castel products includes: thermostatic and electronic expansion valves, solenoid valves, coils, connectors, safety devices, pressure switch valves for water, pressure regulators, indicators, filter driers, mechanical filters, oil level control systems, valves for refrigeration systems, vibration isolators, brass fittings and Schrader valves.


The French-Polish Chamber of Commerce was created in 1994 as an association of entrepreneurs. The CCIFP is an independent, self-financing structure, associating today more than 450 companies and is one of the most active bilateral chambers in Poland. The CCIFP has a significant contribution to the development of business and investment activity in Poland and plays an active role in dealing with State administration bodies and employers’ organizations. It is also a perfect platform for the exchange of experience and best practices.

The organisation represents France, one of the largest foreign investors in our country, which has helped to create more than 250,000 jobs. The organisation supports its member companies in achieving their business goals, it develops French-Polish economic relations and promote France in Poland and Poland in France.

Cimco Logo


CIMCO’s product offering includes packaged refrigeration systems using screw, reciprocating, rotary, centrifugal or oil-free compressors designed for various refrigerants including R744 and R717. More widely known for their ammonia technology used in warehouses and their ECO CHILL ice-rink solutions, CIMCO also works in collaboration with their suppliers to develop NH3/CO2 systems for mainstream industrial adoption.

CIMCO was founded in 1913 as The Canadian Ice Machine Company Ltd and in 1969 was purchased by Toromont Industries Ltd, a public Canadian company traded on the T.S.E. CIMCO Refrigeration’s headquarters and main manufacturing facility is located in Toronto, Ontario, with secondary assembly plants located in Alabama, Nova Scotia, and Alberta. The company has sales and service offices in every major city in Canada and various strategic locations covering the USA.


As a premier service provider, Climate Pros is dominating the industry with superior service, cutting edge technology, innovative solutions and highly motivated people. It is obtaining market share by doing “whatever it takes” in order to get the job done right the first time at the lowest possible cost to the customers.

Since 2006, Climate Pros, Inc. has grown to welcome the industry’s finest customer partnerships. The two partners who own and manage the company have been active in the industry as technicians, supervisors, and managers for a total of over 35 years. From an industry insider perspective, the foundation of Climate Pros is built on respect and appreciation towards our customers and employees alike.


Cold Front Technologies Asia, Inc. was founded on the idea of combining the innovative and progressive attitude of Silicon Valley with decades of experience and expertise in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry in the Philippines.

The team has over 20 years of experience in selling, installing, maintaining, and servicing refrigeration, freezing and air-conditioning units in various groceries, department stores, bulk retail stores and industrial sites throughout the Philippines. 

Cold Front has earned the support and commitment of its international partners such as AHT, Arneg, Freor, InCold, InTrac, Kider, LG and Oscartielle. In fact, Cold Front is the exclusive COOLPOINT partner and distributor of AHT Cooling Systems GmbH for the Philippines.

Cold Front also has the honor and distinction of being the first and only company to successfully install the newest, most innovative refrigeration technology in the Philippines: Water Loop systems (also known as Hydro Loop systems).  To date, Cold Front has installed 4 Water Loop systems — making the company an industry leader with the most number of full-store installations in all of Asia. As such, Cold Front is now considered the leading expert in the region and has serviced and installed Water Loop systems in Japan and Cambodia.


Founded in 1971, Colmac Coil has grown to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of refrigeration evaporators and liquid air coolers, dry coolers, air-cooled condensers, and heat pipe air-to-air heat exchangers for the commercial and industrial heat transfer markets. Located in Colville, Washington, USA, with manufacturing facilities in Colville and Paxton Illinois, Colmac is set up for flexible manufacturing, allowing for the production of customised orders to fit specific customer needs and requirements.


Founded in 1992 in Dresden, Germany, compact Kältetechnik manufactures energy-efficient and high-quality products, customized refrigeration units for a wide range of applications. The company offers reliability and flexibility within our expertise and innovation in cooling systems. Its machines are used in food retailing, food processing, in industry, logistics companies and many other business sectors. The portfolio also includes air-conditioning units for railway vehicle construction and shipbuilding.


Conex Bänninger is one of the global leaders in the manufacture of plumbing fittings and valves.

The company boasts over a 110 years of excellence and innovation, rooted in a strong reputation for high quality manufacturing and customer service excellence. It is still leading the way with new technological developments that continue to improve many domestic, commercial and industrial applications. 

Today Conex Bänninger’s diverse product portfolio, which includes a host of flame-free press and push fittings, compression, end feed and traditional braze fittings, yellow brass and industrial and specification valves, are used in numerous applications, spanning from commercial and educational buildings, to hospitals, military facilities and prestigious sporting arenas. 

Conex Bänninger is an ISO 9001 Quality Assured company registered with the BSI.

spanish version – Somos  algo más que fabricantes de  accesorios de fontanería y válvulas. Buscamos la excelencia en todo lo que hacemos para construir relaciones solidas y estrechas con nuestros clientes a través de la prestación de los mejores servicios técnicos , de venta y de atención al cliente.

Además de ofrecer las gamas de productos más tradicionales, en Conex | Bänninger nos esforzamos constantemente en el desarrollo de nuevos productos, como las gamas > B < Press, Push-Fit en cobre, >B< Push y Conex Push-Fit, todas ellas son soluciones de instalación sin aporte de calor. Estos accesorios son rápidos y fáciles de instalar, suponen un ahorro en el coste de mano de obra, ofrecen una larga vida útil y la garantía de una unión segura a prueba de fugas.  Como parte del Grupo IBP tenemos enormes recursos internacionales incluyendo instalaciones de fabricación, investigación y desarrollo, y la experiencia de miles de empleados a nivel mundial. Los accesorios de fontanería Conex | Banninger se distribuyen también en muchos países fuera de Europa. Para más detalles , póngase en contacto con nuestro equipo Intenacional 

Al elegir IBP puede estar tranquilo, tendrá en sus manos siempre el producto adecuado y el apoyo necesario.

Si necesita más información sobre nuestros productos, contacte con nosotros en el 957 46 96 29, estaremos encantados de atenderle.


Commercial, residential and industrial HVACR contractors turn to Contracting Business for how-to features, insight, industry exclusive reports and the latest products and technologies impacting the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration industries. Contracting Business’ mission is to help HVACR owners and managers run better businesses and support the rapidly growing and evolving HVACR service industry.



As a national refrigeration and HVAC service and energy optimization company, CoolSys and our operating companies serve customers in multiple segments including retail, grocery, convenience stores, light commercial and industrial, cold storage & warehousing, telecom, restaurants, manufacturing, education, entertainment, pharmaceutical and more.



Cooltech Applications is the world’s leading magnetic cooling company offering an energy efficient and ecological gas-free refrigeration solution. Owner of about 300 patents issued in 40 different countries and supported by major organizations and large market players through developments agreements, Cooltech Applications has entered the commercialization process with equipment manufacturer partners. The Magnetic Refrigeration System (MRS)  is in beta testing at several sites in Europe and in the USA in various configurations and is presently available for integration. A MRS version generating high cooling power—20 kilowatt (kW) and over—is under development for complementary applications (Refrigeration rack systems, chillers, air conditioning solutions,..)

Founded in 2003 and backed by well-established investors, Cooltech Applications’ offices are currently located in Paris and Strasbourg, France.



Since its foundation in 1983 by the current President, Igino Bresolin, CREA has been working successfully in the field of air conditioning and industrial refrigeration.

The company headquarters at Bellusco (MB), covering an area of 9,000 m2 with over 1,500 m2 dedicated to production. To guarantee its operation covers all parts of Italy, the company is opearating a branch office in Scandicci (FI).

In 2004, Crea started to produce, install and provide assistance on refrigeration systems with natural CO2 refrigerant.The refrigeration systems made by CREA follow high standards in the design, production and management of the entire refrigeration system, respecting the environment.

Other than the Italian market, our systems have been sold to customers in China, Norway, Luxemburg, Turkey, Russia, Libya, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Chile.

CREA’s CO2 technical evolution:
2004 – The first low temperature subcritical R744 (CO2) test plant made in CREA test laboratory.
2005 – Production of the first low temperature subcritical R744 (CO2) plant.
2006 – The first pumped R744 (CO2) system made in CREA test laboratory.
2007 – Production of first pumped R744 (CO2) system.
2011 – First permanent transcritical R744 (CO2) system made for CREA test laboratory.
2012 – Production of first transcritical R744 (CO2) plant.



Crowley Carbon is the leading provider of energy reduction solutions to the corporate, government and commercial markets. At Crowley Carbon, we provide highly innovative, retrofit, site-specific, energy efficiency solutions for our customers. Typically reducing the energy footprint of a site or building by between 30% and 70%.We supply customers with everything from energy efficient lighting solutions – HVAC optimization – high performance refrigeration solutions – compressed air – waste-heat to hot water solutions.Our client base covers the food sector, industrial sectors and commercial office premises.



Founded in 1976 in Johannesburg, South Africa, CRS have always focused on energy efficient refrigeration systems utilising the latest technologies. With a commitment to continuous development and providing clients with future-proof solutions, CRS have become a forerunner in green, energy-efficient cooling and heating products and solutions. 

Following various industry-changing breakthroughs, CRS’s first CO2-only refrigeration system launched in 2010, followed soon by the first transcritical CO2 only design and installation. Keeping its clients a green step ahead, CRS have also developed CO2 Heat Pumps and Chillers. 

Gained experience of using CO2 solutions in high ambient climates for 7 years, CRS has a quality product and distinct solution for the global market.



Cryotek Refrigeration was founded by Mr. Robert Jiang and Dr. Daniel Li in 2005. Cryotek is the earliest domestic manufacturer of refrigeration products such as refrigeration parallel units with the most advanced design, production technology and the most complete management system.

Cryotek proudly provides its customers the widest range of refrigeration products, both freon and CO2 and ammonia ranges. Ammonia products includes refrigeration units and unit coolers. 

In 2014, Cryotek launched CO2 units, which include CO2 cascade, circulation and transcritical technologies. They are successfully being used by Metro Hypermarket and other food processing companies, including Hong Fu supermarket, which awarded “CO2refrigeration sample supermarket” by the UNDP in 2017.  

With its excellent products and services, Cryotek attracts many top clients from all over the world, including Walmart, Carrefour, Disney, Americold, Sky Chef, Bosch, 3M and Dow’s. 



Centro Studi Galileo (CSG) is the most renowned training centre in Italy and is very well known in Europe and around the world for training and information in the sectors of refrigeration, air conditioning and renewable energies.

Founded 40 years ago in the historical and so-called “Capital of the Cold”, Casale Monferrato, CSG has been working with international realities for over four decades, developing top-level and prestigious partnerships with the largest organisations, associations and institutions, both European and throughout the continents. Around 3000 companies are participating in our activities that take place in over 15 locations throughout Italy and the United Kingdom

Furthermore, with the United Nations Environment and with the European Commission, which sheds light on the central role played by CSG in the decision-making process and addressing international sectoral policies.



CTA’s refrigeration group is a U.S. leader in next-generation “natural” refrigeration systems. CTA is involved in several projects using natural refrigerants and has also designed and commissioned the first supermarket to use 100% natural refrigerants in the U.S. Through our involvement with the U.S. Department of Energy, National Renewable Energy Lab, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, we’re helping to advance the knowledge of how these next generation systems perform and can be applied. The result is CTA’s invaluable ability to help end users make the tough decisions that are right for the environment and for their business by helping them select, implement, install and maintain the system that is right for them now and in the future.

CTI – Calibration Technologies, Inc

CTI – Calibration Technologies, Inc

Calibration Technologies, Inc (CTI) is a leading manufacturer of gas detection equipment for industrial facilities. CTI specializes in the detection of Ammonia, but also provides sensors for other gases such as Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Chlorine, Hydrogen Sulfide, Ozone, Methane, and Propane. 

CTI gas sensors are encapsulated in a urethane compound that protects the sensitive electronic components from moisture, corrosion, off gassing, chemical spray-downs, high pressure wash-downs, and extreme temperatures (-50°F to +140°F). Each and every sensor passes a rigorous testing process and comes with a two-year warranty. CTI’s experienced engineers can design a system built specifically for different facilities.



Danfoss engineers technologies that enable the world of tomorrow to do more with less. Danfoss meets the growing need for infrastructure, food supply, energy efficiency and climate-friendly solutions. Its products and services are used in areas such as refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, motor control and mobile machinery. The company is also active in the field of renewable energy as well as district heating infrastructure for cities and urban communities. Its innovative engineering dates back to 1933, and today Danfoss is a world-leader serving customers in more than 100 countries. This includes leading the industry in the adoption of natural and low-GWP refrigerants, including ammonia, COand hydrocarbons.



The Danish Technological is one of the world’s largest self-owned and non-profit institutes supplying technological services, and disseminating research- and technologically-based knowledge for the Danish and international business sector. Its Centre for Refrigeration and Heat Pump Technology is a key player in developing CO2projects.



Founded in 1918, Dorin is active in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning since 1932. Our products are manufactured according to the best mechanical and craft practices, at the very pursuit of our founder’s motto: “The main thing is that our products are always perfect (Mario Dorin).” 

After over 100 years of history, today Dorin is a consolidated industry, known throughout the world and continues to grow. Thanks to the decades-long and ongoing commitment to research, our solutions provide maximum energy saving and efficiency and are designed around the needs of customers, with the assistance of professionals in engineering, finance and marketing. 

spanish version – Fundada en 1918, Officine Mario Dorin fabrica compresores desde 1932.

DORIN está basada en la zona de Florencia en la Toscana de Italia, pero debido a sus enlaces comerciales y personal interno con experiencia técnica y comercial, su alcance llega a mas de 90 países a través de 70.000+ compresores por año.

Comenzando en los años 90, DORIN fue reconocida por sus aplicaciones transcríticas de CO2, y es aun reconocida como un líder en innovaciones avanzadas.  Hoy en día, DORIN encabeza el mercado de tecnología de enfriamiento con miles de compresores en uso; la gama más amplia de compresores de CO2 disponibles en el mercado.



DSI, a leading manufacturer and designer of plate freezers based in Denmark. Founded in 1969, DSI (A/S Dybvad Stål Industri) initially concentrated on manufacturing steel components. Ten years later, the Danish company produced its first plate freezer. Today, DSI is a leading company solely involved in designing and manufacturing manually-operated and automatic plate freezers, which are suitable for use in onshore and marine installations. Using different natural refrigerants, DSI’s product range includes horizontal as well as vertical models.


The ebm-papst Group, a family-owned company in Mulfingen, Germany, is the world market leader in fans and drives. Founded in 1963, the technology leader with its core competences motor technology, electronics and aerodynamics, has set international market standards ever since. With over 20,000 products, ebm-papst offers customized, energy-efficient and intelligent solutions for virtually any ventilation and drive technology requirements. 

In fiscal year 2019/20, the hidden champion achieved a turnover of 2.188 billion euros and employed almost 15,000 people in 29 production sites (e.g. in Germany, China and the US) as well as in 48 sales locations. With their fan and drive solutions, ebm-papst defines and sets the benchmark in practically all industries, such as ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration, heating, automotive, IT, mechanical engineering, catering and household appliances, intralogistics and medical engineering.



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Eco-Business is headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Sydney, Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong.



Efficient Energy GmbH, a manufacturer and system supplier based in Feldkirchen near Munich, Germany is among the most innovative providers of environmentally-friendly refrigeration technology. 

The company uses pure water (R718) as the refrigerant in its eChiller product range, thereby entirely avoiding fluorinated refrigerants and offering outstanding energy efficiency. The eChillers already comply with the F-Gas Directive and any refrigerant-related safety requirement, in addition to that their cooling capacities range from 20 to 45 kW depending on model, and the individual units can be scaled modularly to up to 300 kW.

Efficient Energy GmbH helps its customers overcome the increasing regulatory challenges of refrigeration technology,and offers them long-term, sustainable solutions. The company was awarded for its products with the Deutscher Rechenzentrumspreis 2017 in the category “DC Air Conditioning & Cooling”, the “RAC Cooling Industry Award 2017”, the “Partslife Umweltpreis 2017” and the “Deutscher Kältepreis 2016”.



Eliwell has been operating in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning market since more than 35 years and offers high level quality and technology products, control systems and services for refrigeration units, both commercial and industrial, and for air conditioning. Eliwell is part of the Schneider Electric Group. 

The company develops control solutions for natural refrigerants with special focus on R290 for self-contained units and R744 for distributed system. Its technical know-how takes advantage from collaboration with the Universities, enabling solutions which combines thermodynamic science and theory of control at the top of their respective level. This combination maximizes system efficiency while taking topology, commissioning and maintenance at the most sustainable level.


Since 1971, Embraco has been a global reference in technology for the complete domestic and commercial cold chain, counting on a broad, efficient and competitive portfolio for household, food service, food retail, merchandisers and special applications. As the customer’s preferred partner in refrigeration solutions worldwide, Embraco was a pioneer in fostering the early development of variable speed compressors and the use of natural refrigerants, keeping its commitment in continuously delivering products, systems and technical services. As part of Nidec Global Appliance, a division of Nidec Corporation, its solutions are differentiated by innovation that exceeds customer’s most challenging expectations.


Emerson is a global technology and engineering company providing innovative solutions for customers in industrial, commercial, and residential markets.  Our industry-leading products, systems and services meet the toughest standards for productivity, efficiency and compliance while keeping costs down.

We offer innovative, reliable solutions to keep business running smoothly. Create comfortable, controllable workplace environments with our energy-efficient HVACR systems.   Solve   the toughest   industry   challenges   with   our   state-of-the   art compressors, condensers, heat exchanges and related equipment. Maximize total gas   throughput   with   compressor   technology   that   delivers   longer   life,   higher reliability and better part-load efficiency.

Since our founding in 1890, we’ve pushed to surpass every goal we’ve set for ourselves. Now, more than 125 years later, our spark burns brighter than ever, inspiring pride and a drive toward excellence — from our employees and the communities we serve.



Energeia Technologies Pte Ltd was set up in 2017 to commercialize EcoStar series of products. A group of engineers with more than 15 years specializing in HVAC&R system using design using Natural Refrigerants such as NH3 and CO2.The company focus on engineering design and consultancy services in energy management and implementation.

Energy Recovery logo


Energy Recovery (NASDAQ: ERII) creates technologies that solve complex challenges for industrial fluid-flow markets worldwide. Building on our pressure exchanger technology platform, we design and manufacture solutions that make industrial processes more efficient and sustainable. What began as a game-changing invention for desalination has grown into a global business accelerating the environmental sustainability of customers’ operations in multiple industries. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Energy Recovery has manufacturing, research and development facilities across California and Texas with sales and on-site technical support available globally. For more information, please visit www.energyrecovery.com.



Enex is specialised in the design and manufacturing of refrigeration systems and high-efficiency heat pumps using natural refrigerants, particularly Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

As a pioneer in CO2 applications for many years, Enex has gained remarkable experience and knowledge in various design solutions. Through intense R&D activities and advanced concepts with high energy-saving potential, Enex has brought efficiency solutions to market which are now ready for widespread use.


Axima Réfrigération France, pôle d’ENGIE Axima, intervient depuis 1876 dans le secteur de la réfrigération. Axima Réfrigération France conçoit, réalise et assure la maintenance de solutions frigorifiques performantes à faible impact environnemental qui mettent en œuvre des fluides naturels comme le CO2, le NH3 ou le propane.

 Avec 8 000 collaborateurs et 1,4 milliard d’euros de chiffre d’affaires en 2017, ENGIE Axima, filiale d’ENGIE, propose des solutions innovantes et globales dans le domaine du génie climatique, de la réfrigération et de la protection incendie.


ENRECO is a specialised engineering company dealing in heat transport. They run projects in the field of refrigeration, heat recovery and energy efficiency. Their work begins at the stage of a general concept, followed by an economic analysis, tendering, all the way to general contracting.

A deep understanding of clients needs and matching available technical solutions lays at the base of each cooperation. A deep technical and market knowledge is the foundation of every activity in which they engage their energy.


Enreps, LLC has been providing over 15 years of experience for Commissioning and Energy Audit services for refrigeration and HVAC. We developed Cloud Commissioning Software for quick turnaround and efficiency of reports. We provide results, reduce construction costs, deliver a complete, efficient and fully operational building, and reduce operations /maintenance costs and downtime.


The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) conducts research, development, and demonstration projects for the benefit of the public in the United States and internationally. As an independent, nonprofit organization for public interest energy and environmental research, EPRI is focused on electricity generation, delivery, and use in collaboration with the electricity sector, its stakeholders and others to enhance the quality of life by making electric power safe, reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible.


Epta, multinational Group specialised in commercial refrigeration for retailers, has made a name for itself in the world, thanks to a solid industrial culture, great competitive strength and the Group’s significant presence worldwide in numerous business areas.The Group offers the widest and most comprehensive range of solutions for commercial refrigeration, ensuring the supply, installation and maintenanceof systems, both directly and through an extensive network of distributors worldwide. EPTA Group also has a strong presence within the Food & Beveragemarket, working in partnership with major players in the sector. Epta’s calling crystallises in its decision to combine the value of experience with innovation, to promote sustainable progress and constantly pursue a strategy for internationalisation.


ES SYSTEM K company is a well-known manufacturer of refrigeration equipment suited to every commercial facility: supermarkets, convenience stores, petrol stations, confectioneries, ice-cream parlors etc. The history of the company dates back to 1995. The dynamic development of ES SYSTEM K is associated with using low GWP refrigerants in its products. We have been also proving that refrigeration can have a style. For the whole retail sector we provide the equipment that through a well-executed design process, effective appearance and energy efficiency bring measurable benefits to our business partners.


Fundada en 1966, la compañía es líder destacado en la distribución de equipos de refrigeración, aire acondicionado, calefacción, frío comercial, hostelería y heladería, componentes y accesorios. 

Desde entonces, la empresa ha ido creciendo y ampliando sus actividades consolidándose en los principales mercados de la Europa Occidental y ampliando su ámbito de actuación fuera de nuestro continente, con las recientes incorporaciones de las oficinas de Santiago de Chile y Marruecos.


Established in 1963, Euroklimat designs and produces refrigeration units, heat pumps and precision air conditioners that can be used both for industrial processes and traditional comfort applications. The company’s head offices are located in Italy, near Milan. The Italian factory has over 6,000 m2 of floor space,with 60 employees.

In 2006 Euroklimat, first in Italy,  decided to invest in natural refrigerants: many years of research and tests have given very good results.

Efficiency maximization, energy saving and respect for the planet being the key objectives of Euroklimat’s corporate philosophy, the company aims to become a market leader in the construction of R290 propane chillers, helping the industry to become more efficient, preserving natural resources and protecting the environment.

Euroklimat preserves the belief that customer satisfaction is an indispensable factor for success: constant improvement of products, services and production processes are primary objectives to achieve this result.


EVAPCO is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of industrial refrigeration system components. The company offers a broad line of ammonia and CO2 air unit evaporators, critical process air systems, evaporative condensers, packaged recirculators, pressure vessels, and has recently introduced the new Evapcold Low Charge Refrigeration (LCR) product line. The LCR product for refrigeration systems significantly reduces the ammonia charge and the associated risk. Company products can be shipped from any of the 19 manufacturing facilities in 9 countries around the world.

With an ongoing commitment to research, development and sustainable technology, EVAPCO provides among the most advanced products in the industry.


EXKAL (2005) es el actual fabricante líder de la refrigeración comercial en España y con gran proyección internacional, ofreciendo una amplia gama de muebles sostenibles e innovadores (remotos, plug-in y especiales) y la utilización de refrigerantes naturales y sustentables. 

EXKAL es un proveedor global con soluciones locales y trabaja con la mayoría de los principales “retailers” del sector. La empresa cuenta con plantas de producción en España, Chile y China, además de una extensa red comercial en todo el mundo. 

Para alcanzar y mantener dicha sostenibilidad, en EXKAL se ha implantado un “Sistema Integrado de Gestión” que incluye las siguientes certificaciones: ISO 9001 (Calidad), IQNet Sr10 (Responsabilidad Social Corporativa), ISO14001 (Medio Ambiente), ISO18001 (Seguridad), además de los sellos Eureka e Chineka (Innovación).


An an industrial engineering group, Fives designs and supplies machines, process equipment and production lines for the world’s largest industrials including automotive sector and HVAC. 

Fives is known for its technical expertise in Leak detection and Fluid filling Equipment, with a focus on natural refrigerants such as CO2 or hydrocarbons. 

With an experience of more than 35 years, factories located in 5 countries, and a worldwide network of representative to ensure a technical support, Fives today offers a wide range of proven technical solutions such as leak detection (pressure decay, sniffing, ventilated chamber, vacuum chamber), filling (high accuracy and high production rate vacuum filling) as well as electrical and performance tests. 

Apart from refrigerant gases, thanks to its long experience in the automotive sector, Fives can work as well on different fluids such as oil, engine coolant, brake fluid or fuel.


Food Techno Engineering Co., Ltd (FTE) is an engineering and contracting company specialized in food processing factories and food distribution centers. The company is also manufacturing freezing systems such as tunnel freezers, spiral freezers and IQF flow freezers. As an EPC contracting company, FTE plans, designs, contracts and offers services for freezers, cold storages, process air conditioning and water chillers in food processing factories.

The FTE Academy was opened this year as a seminar house to talk about environmentally friendly solutions such as CO2 freezers, cold storage and heat pumps at the facility. The academy is open for owners, engineers and students dealing with CO2air-cooled and water-cooled transcritical refrigeration systems. Foodtechno Engineering is continuously developing the optimal operation of CO2-based refrigerant systems at this academy.


Since its foundation Frascold has always dealt with refrigeration and air conditioning solutions, all over the world and for a wide range of applications.

The Company has built its Global reputation and recognition on its outstanding capacity to improve its products and technologies to satisfy all customer needs.

Based in Milan, the factory is set up to produce about 25% of the worldwide semi-hermetic compressors demand.
The brand, long consolidated in Europe, today enjoys success all over the world for its demonstrated excellence in the pursuit of quality and innovation.


FREOR is an internationally operating manufacturer of commercial refrigeration display equipment for the food retailers, based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Its wide range of products include remote and plug-in cabinets, serve-over counters and freezers, designed to increase the sales of food products.

FREOR develops and manufactures sustainable solutions for commercial refrigeration that help retailers reduce both environmental impact and energy consumption. It does so by using the natural refrigerant propane R290 for self-contained display refrigerators and freezers in place of traditional HFCs, and through a unique energy – efficient ‘Hydroloop’ glycol cooling system.

FREOR philosophy is reflected by the company’s slogan Thinking Green. It stands for sustainable and responsible business culture, focusing on the environment, energy efficiency as well as innovations and high-quality manufacturing requirements.

With 20 years of experience, FREOR has become a reliable supplier of quality refrigeration solutions, known for their reliability, energy-efficiency and sustainability. FREOR products are represented by an extensive network of partners in 30 countries.


Johnson Controls manufactures a full line of Frick brand industrial refrigeration equipment for Food and Beverage applications. The company makes Rotary Screw Compressor Packages and Packaged Equipment with Variable Speed Drive. Models are available with capacity control from 100% down to 10% of full load. We also make Condensers, Evaporators, AcuAir® Hygienic Air Handlers, Vessels, Heat Exchangers and Controls. Its Quantum™ HD control panels with state-of-the-art technology lead our industry in performance and reliability.


Fricon, a pioneer company in the Portuguese market in the domestic and commercial refrigeration segment, specialized in the conception, development, production and marketing of freezing and chilling equipment for supermarkets, ice cream freezers, beverage coolers.

Version Sp.

Fricon, empresa pionera en el mercado portugués en el segmento de refrigeración doméstica y comercial, especializada en la concepción, desarrollo, producción y comercialización de equipos de congelación y refrigeración para supermercados, congeladores de helados, enfriadores de bebidas.

Las cuestiones ambientales y de desarrollo sostenible son temas prioritarios para el grupo Fricon. Fricon está certificada con la norma NP EN ISO 9001, el fortalecimiento de sus altos estándares de la política de calidad, a la total satisfacción y expectativas de los clientes.


Frigo Ferm was founded to provide an eco-friendly refrigeration alternative, to reduce COemissions and energy waste. The company produces and instlls traspex acrylic and aluminum display cases with eco 4 glasses for existing refrigerators in supermarkets. Frigo Ferm’s strength is the quality of the products that it uses, that also help our planet produce less CO2 with great cost savings. Frigo Ferm operates globally with production facilities.


Frigo-Consulting is a global leader in CO2 technology. In addition to supporting its customers as a consultant, it represents their interests and deal with authorities and refrigeration companies (suppliers) as a client representative. As an engineering company with no affiliation to specific products or services, Frigo-Consulting is well-acquainted with the entire range of available technologies and with the market for components and systems. This comprehensive overview of the market enables the company to offer the best, most cost-effective and most efficient solution. 

Frigo-Consulting has its headquarter located in Bern. Two other branch offices are located in Switzerland (Lausanne, Zurich) as well as four branch offices across Europe (Italy, Poland, Romania and Spain). Since 1988, the highly successful company executes a wide range of projects for renowned clients and employs more than 35 qualified specialists, each with exceptional ability, specific expertise and longstanding experience.


Frigotherm Ferrari GmbH is a leading company for industrial refrigeration and heat pumps since over 50 years.

The systems are designed with natural refrigerants ammonia and CO2 and equipped with the automation software developed by our engineers. The complete turn-key-package is delivered, from consultancy to, engineering, installation at site, remote supervision and full service.

Frigotherm Ferrari invests permanently in innovation and in continuous education of highly motivated employees


Desde 1957, Frost-trol diseña, fabrica y comercializa muebles de refrigeración comercial de alta calidad para la venta de alimentos perecederos. A lo largo de su trayectoria Frost-trol ha avanzado incesantemente en materia tecnológica, realizando una fuerte inversión en I+D y afianzando su presencia alrededor del mundo a través de su red de distribuidores. Frost-trol ofrece a sus clientes una amplia gama de productos dividida en dos grandes líneas, Supermarket y Plug-in, lo que le permite adaptarse perfectamente a la exigente y variada demanda del mercado de la distribución.

Desde sus inicios, Frost-trol ha basado su filosofía en dos pilares fundamentales, la sostenibilidad y la eficiencia energética, con el fin de ofrecer al mercado soluciones de refrigeración respetuosas con el medio ambiente. Entre los principales sistemas actuales destaca la utilización cada vez mayor del CO2 en las instalaciones de muebles remotos y el propano (R290) en la línea de modelos autónomos.


Shanghai Fute Refrigeration & Electrical Engineering Co, Ltd (“Fute”) was founded in 1999 with the simple goal of delivering the latest refrigeration technology to its customers with uncompromising service. It has now developed into an enterprise, consisting of a dedicated team over 100 people, many of who bring over 20 years of experience in the field.

Fute was rated highly by the Institute of Quality Inspection and Technical Research of JiangSu province and Shanghai Municipal after a lengthy and comprehensive selection process. Fute has received the GC2 certificate from the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision in recognition of its excellence in the industry, thereby granting Fute the rights to carry out all installation, remoulding, maintenance, emergency rescue and operation projects in respect of refrigeration pressure vessel and piping systems.

At the national refrigeration forum, Fute was rated highly by the National Regulator after a lengthy and competitive selection process. Furthermore, Fute’s operations have been given quality assurance under ISO9001:2008(GB/T19001-2008) standards.

In line with its commitment to environmental sustainability, Fute has championed research and development initiatives in respect of CO2 refrigeration technology over many years to become the market leader in this area. Since its first efforts, Fute has successfully completed on twelve (12) separate occasions, the design, implementation and installation of China’s first five CO2 refrigeration systems nationwide.

Fute has also assisted Nestle China with the completion of its own CO2 cold storage refrigeration system in its Harbin facility in 2013. The system is 100% dependent on CO2without any trace of HFC and has yielded highly efficient results.


Established in the 1940s, Galileo TP systems have been developed, designed and built to operate in OEM facilities in accordance with global Company Wide Quality Control (CWQC), to grant maximum control in all phases of the industrial manufacturing processes from engineering to production, and to assure storage and transmission of all production work data.

Today, Galileo TP’s range is extremely varied and covers all applications for the needs of small, medium and large manufacturers by providing: leak detection systems (hydrocarbons, high pressures of CO2, helium, hydrogen, and others), evacuation systems, transfer pumps, distribution and recovery of fluids & gases, evacuating and refrigerant charging machines (hydrocarbons and CO2), hydrocarbon safety management system, electrical safety compliance and performance test systems. In respect to environmental stewardship, Galileo TP provides helium reclaim systems, hydrocarbon charging and safety management systems and CO2 leak testing (high pressure) with CO2 charging systems.


Garden City Ammonia Program (GCAP) is a privately owned industrial refrigeration school dealing with natural refrigerants. It has live running systems in its labs for each division: ammonia refrigeration, CO2 refrigeration, steam boilers and PSM/RMP compliance. GCAP’s spectrum of training is customized towards a range of customers from quick start with no experience to the seasoned operator. Recognized as one of the top premier programs in the U.S., GCAP works in permanent coordination with industry experts and end users providing training for over 650 different companies.


GEA is one of the largest suppliers for food processing technology and of related industries. The global group specializes in machinery, plants, as well as process technology and components. GEA provides sustainable solutions for sophisticated production processes in diverse end-user markets and offers a comprehensive service portfolio.


Genentech Inc., is a biotechnology corporation, founded in 1976 by venture capitalist Robert A. Swanson and biochemist Dr. Herbert Boyer. For more than 30 years, Genentech has been following the science, seeking solutions to unmet medical needs. As a proud member of the Roche Group, Genentech make medicines to treat patients with serious medical conditions.

Genentech, headquartered in South San Francisco, California, is the first end-user to support ATMOsphere America to visibly promote and lend its name to shecco’s efforts towards natural refrigerants.


The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is a global service provider in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development with more than 17,000 employees.

GIZ has over 50 years of experience in a wide variety of areas, including economic development and employment, energy and the environment, and peace and security. Our business volume exceeds 2.1 billion euros.

As a public-benefit federal enterprise, GIZ supports the German Government – in particular the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) – and public and private sector clients in around 130 countries in achieving their objectives in international cooperation.

With this aim, GIZ works together with its partners to develop effective solutions that offer people better prospects and sustainably improve their living conditions.


GMC Refrigerazione is a young and dynamic company working in the HVACR industry since 2002, with professionalism and a strong background in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems components. GMC achieved a rapid grow-up offering high quality product made in Italy and developing innovative solutions to constantly meet customer satisfaction and new market requests.

GMC is now working with national and international customers and the high quality of its products, with ISO 9001:2015 certification. High quality, flexibility and top of the market services allows GMC to constantly adapt to the new dynamics of the markets and be at the forefront of the latest industry innovations. GMC is focused on the design and the production of valves, filters, indicators and accessories for refrigerants.
With an eye on ozone depletion and global warming issues, GMC has developed green products for the implementation on environmentally friendly systems using CO2 or hydrocarbon refrigerant.


Gordon Brothers are an Industrial Refrigeration contracting, service and manufacturing organisation operating from 8 offices across Australia. They have designed, installed and serviced ammonia refrigeration systems since 1917 and in recent years have installed and serviced the largest CO2 – Ammonia cascade systems in Australia. Gordon Brothers promotes the safe application of natural refrigerants wherever possible.


As one of the market’s leading suppliers of refrigeration systems that use environment-friendly carbon dioxide CO2 as a refrigerant, Green & Cool’s driving force is to achieve the lowest operational cost for green refrigeration on the market. Since 2007, high-quality carbon dioxide refrigeration is successfully distributed worldwide under the Green & Cool name.


Güntner is a world leader in the manufacture of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment components. Decades of experience and the consistent integration of the latest technologies and research findings ensure the high-quality standard of Güntner solutions. The international areas of application comprise energy & process cooling projects, industrial and commercial applications in the field of food production and storage as well as HVAC applications for buildings and specific applications such as server room cooling.


Halcor is the largest producer of copper tubes in Europe, with long term investments that provide the industry with a wide range of sustainable products and innovative solutions for HVAC&R, building installation, automotive, electrical and electronic applications. With more than 80 years of metal processing experience, Halcor, the copper & alloys extrusion division of ElvalHalcor S.A., is a trustful business partner to industrial companies that build equipment and parts and to wholesalers that distribute products that meet global demands. A dynamic network of owned commercial subsidiaries around Europe and supportive technical services enables Halcor to bring expert solutions to the industry with agility and reliability. Committed to constantly investing in sustainable development, Halcor strategically focuses on R&D&I creating solutions for low carbon and recyclable products, energy-efficient equipment, renewable energy sources and electric transportation, enablers that support the global transition to a green economy


Hansen Technologies is a global leader in designing and manufacturing valves and controls for large industrial refrigeration systems. Hansen’s success yields from high-quality, innovative products, exceptional customer service, and unequaled technical expertise in the refrigeration industry. Hansen offers an extensive line of valves and components. For over 40 years, Hansen’s knowledgeable research and development engineers have continued to develop original and essential products to meet the needs of our valued customers. More innovative products are on the horizon at Hansen Technologies. Get to know us and learn how our high standards, extensive product line, and capabilities will better assist you with your refrigeration needs. Hansen is a subsidiary of Roper Industries (NYSE:ROP), a diversified industrial company that produces engineered products for global niche markets.

Business in China: Hansen opened its office here in China since 2002, we have sales, technical support, service, inventory, marketing in China, developed distributors around China. Hansen’s been focusing on Low charge system since 2014. And continue bringing on the technologies from Northern American.


Holger Andreasen & Partner GmbH is a renowned company with more than 40 years of experience in the field of shell and tube heat exchangers, pressure vessels and packages for industrial refrigeration systems. We distinguish ourselves through innovative, state-of-the-art developments and solutions especially in the areas of NH3 and CO2 cooling systems. In recent years we had great success with our Flux Hi™ System. This spraycooler, specially developed by us, is used in over 350 plants worldwide as a CO2 / NH3 cascade or liquid cooler. Another segment of our business are heat exchangers for corrosive media made of special materials such as titanium and copper/nickel.


HAUSER manufactures its products using state-of-the art methods at its two facilities located in Austria and the Czech Republic. THEY have been delivering guaranteed freshness for around 70 years. Their employees strive each day to provide you with individual solutions for freshness.

Planning, production and delivery of turnkey refrigeration units – HAUSER provides safety, reliability and service during the entire product life cycle. The top-quality products are tailored to fulfil your individual needs. The professional project management minimises your energy consumption and helps preserve the environment.


HB Products is a Danish company, which specializes in the development and production of sensors for industrial and commercial refrigeration as well as for heat-pump systems. At HB Products we are dedicated to supply optimal solutions for energy efficient evaporator control, level control and oil management. HB Products are known for being at the forefront of using new technologies and supply products of tomorrow already today.

Apart from expertise within oil and refrigerant control, we have great know-how in the design and optimization of industrial- and commercial refrigeration systems. This knowledge enables us to develop and produce high quality and durable products.

Since its start more than 25 years ago, HB Products has attained a strong global position with distributors in more than 60 countries. Our customers vary from World leading OEMs to small contractors.


Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration provides climate-control solutions for commercial refrigeration and industrial applications in more than 70 countries. It manufactures unit coolers, condensers, compressorized racks, condensing units, refrigeration systems and supermarket display cases through market-leading brands, including North America brands of Bohn, Larkin, Climate Control, Chandler, and Kysor/Warren.

Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration is a business segment of Lennox International Inc., a leading global provider of climate-control solutions.


Hillphoenix’s mission is to provide fresh, innovative customer-centric solutions that help their customers stay relevant and competitively differentiated. This vision inspires Hillphoenix to become the recognized global leader in creative, flexible and responsible innovations in food retail and commercial refrigeration.  The leading North American manufacturer of CO2 equipment, Hillphoenix has expanded its natural refrigerant capabilities with the addition of NXTCold Ultra-low charge Ammonia Systems.  Hillphoenix designs and manufactures food retail display cases, commercial and industrial refrigeration systems, provides training services through The Hillphoenix Learning Center and Energy Services through The AMS Group.  Hillphoenix Inc., a Dover Company, is based in Conyers (Ga).


With over 60 years in the commercial kitchen equipment and food service markets, Hoshizaki is a global leading manufacturer in commercial Ice Equipment. Creators of Japan´s first fully automatic ice maker, Hoshizaki now features an extended product line, for different users across a wide span of industry including food, beverage, bars and restaurants, bio-science, healthcare and education.

Hoshizaki operates sales offices in Europe, Japan and the U.S. with distribution throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa, North and South America, Asia Pacific including China, and Australia.

Hoshizaki has rightfully gained an international reputation for sustainable innovation, durability and reliability. The company is noted for developing energy/water efficient, environmentally friendly (Hydro Fluorocarbon free) Ice Makers and Refrigerators, adding value for the end-user through cost-saving and sustainability.

All machines are designed and specified by Hoshizaki’s dedicated Research and Development team, which ensures Hoshizaki continues to devise innovative and sustainable products that cement the company’s position as one of the world’s visionary suppliers. Hoshizaki also innovates in the sectors it operates, for example in hospitality end-users can choose ice-makers that produce different types of ice from ball ice to flaked which make the difference in quality beverages such as cocktails.


Howe Corporation is a 108-year old manufacturing company specializing in flake ice machines for food retail and industrial processing applications. In 2009 we developed CO2 compatible ice flakers for the supermarket industry. Since that time, we have expanded our units to include models for Direct expansion (sub & trans-critical) as well as expanding our production capacities. Our natural refrigerant lineup also includes a large selection of ammonia machines for light and full industrial applications. We continue to monitor the under 150 GWP market to adjust to needs of our customers and the industry. Howe also offers ice storage bins compatible with other ice machines.


Cubigel Compressors® is the brand of Huayi Group for the light commercial refrigeration market. Huayi Group is the largest compressor manufacturer of the world. Cubigel Compressors® products are designed and manufactured by the Spanish branch Huayi Compressor Barcelona, which counts with more than 50 years of experience and European quality production. 

The company offers a wide range of compressors from 2.4cc up to 34cc that are suitable for Natural Refrigerants like propane (R290) and isobutane (R600a), which have being introduced in commercial refrigeration applications such as bottle coolers and freezers, not only due to the replacement of HFCs refrigerants which have a high impact on the environment, but also because it is more efficient in terms of performance and applications energy consumption.


Since 1906, Hussmann has provided products, services and solutions for preserving and merchandising fresh food. It is recognized throughout the world as a leader in manufacturing, selling, installing and servicing display equipment and refrigeration systems for customers in the food retail industry.The company serves several key markets, including supermarkets, mass merchants, convenience stores, drug stores, dollar and discount stores and foodservice operations. Hussmann enables excellence in food retailing by providing innovative solutions in areas such as merchandising, energy effiiciency and sustainability, food quality and integrity, refrigeration, design and engineering, service and installation, and improving retail performance. 

Hussmann has also formed an alliance with a leading Canadian supplier of cooling modules and heat recovery systems, Systemes LMP, to provide customized solutions for transcritical CO2 systems.


The IBP Group is a globally focused business encompassing the design, manufacture and supply of plumbing fittings, valves and bathroom products. With a heritage dating back to 1873, the business has developed over the decades through acquisition and development into the IBP Group of today. It is headquartered in the UK with European production facilities serving commercial offices across the globe.

One of the IBP Group’s leading brands is Conex Bänninger, a leading European plumbing fittings and valves manufacturer founded in 1909 that supplies innovative plumbing solutions. Conex Bänninger specialises in providing a wide range of plumbing fittings for customers in the domestic, commercial, industrial, HVAC and shipbuilding markets worldwide. A dedicated OEM division specialises in bespoke fabrications and assemblies for a broad cross section of customers.


IceGen is an Innovative Cooling Solutions company. At the heart of the company is the IceGen patented technology heat exchanger that produces Liquid-Ice.  A single IceGen heat exchanger can produce the volume it would take 100 of the competitors heat exchangers to do. IceGen has become an international leader in Liquid-Ice applications. IceGen has worldwide installations in several industries including the thermal energy, cold chain and food & beverage markets.

Cooling with IceGen Liquid-Ice is more efficient, cost effective and sustainable. IceGen engineers work with the end-user to understand the particular cooling challenges and customize a solution.

IceGen’s mission is to provide the world with rapid and efficient cooling solutions while minimizing its carbon footprint with a simpler technology to use and maintain.


Igloo is a Polish manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment for the retail food store industry, confectionery-bakery industry and gastronomy. The company have been present on the market for over thirty years, investing in the latest technologies and human capital. Igloo have developed production methods in such a way that they have no negative impact on the natural environment while making sure that their business partners also have an appropriate environmental policy.

When constructing devices, they place special emphasis on energy efficiency and the use of ecological refrigerants.


IIAR is the world’s leading advocate for the safe, reliable and efficient use of ammonia and other natural refrigerants. IIAR is a member organization with industry representation including manufacturers, design engineers, contractors, end users, academics, scientists, trainers, government agents and more. IIAR members share their collective knowledge and experience on committees and task forces to produce consensus documents that address various aspects of the commercial and industrial refrigeration industry including the IIAR ANSI approved Suite of Standards, the CO2 Handbook, Process Safety Management and Risk Management Program Guidelines, and the Ammonia Refrigeration Piping Handbook. Each year the IIAR produces the Natural Refrigeration Conference & Expo which includes a peer reviewed technical paper program. This conference brings together over 1,500 key decision makers from all facets of the natural refrigeration industry.



The Institute of Energy Engineering of the Universtat Politècnica de València (IIE-UPV) has a long experience in research and development of components and equipment for refrigeration, heat pump and air conditioning, as well as on the integration of these systems in the building. The main specialties of our laboratory are natural refrigerants, especially hydrocarbons, geothermal systems, and refrigeration equipment for appliances. Another specialty of the IIE is the modeling of thermal systems of any type, highlighting the IMST-ART software, which allows the design and optimization of vapor compression refrigeration equipment.


A tradition for over a century, the IIR International Congresses of Refrigeration bring together scientists, researchers, engineers and technicians from around the world every 4 years. The ICR 2019 Congress, taking place from August 24-30, is the next stop on our journey. Our theme, “Refrigeration for Human Health and Future Prosperity”, befits our host city of Montreal, where the original Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer (such as CFCs and HFCs) was signed.

Over 1,000 abstracts have been received, underlining the strong participation that is a hallmark of all ICR Congresses. Our focus will be on the current issues we are all facing: energy saving and energy efficiency, food supply, health, reduction of global warming, and the protection of the ozone layer. Count yourself in! Join us in Montreal from August 24-30 for the highly anticipated ICR 2019 Congress.


INTARCON nace en 2007 como una iniciativa común de un grupo de empresarios y profesionales de los sectores de la refrigeración y el aire acondicionado para desarrollar una nueva gama de equipos de refrigeración comercial.

Desde sus orígenes en la fabricación de equipos de refrigeración comercial, INTARCON ha evolucionado su catálogo de producto hacia la refrigeración industrial con soluciones paquetizadas de media potencia.

Las operaciones de INTARCON están basadas en Lucena (Córdoba) en España, enfocadas a los mercados nacional y globales de Europa, Norte de Africa, Oriente Medio e Hispanoamérica.

Hoy en día, INTARCON es el primer fabricante español en su gama de producto, goza de una consolidada presencia en el mercado nacional con 10 delegaciones en el territorio, junto con delegaciones comerciales en el extranjero que cubren más de 40 países. Hasta la fecha hay más de 40.000 equipos INTARCON en servicio en más de 40 países diferentes.


ISA was established in 1963 in Bastia Umbra (PG – Italy) and has since become a worldwide leader in the shop furnishings and professional refrigeration sectors. ISA works with a wide product range, including professional refrigeration products, including bottle coolers for Coca-Cola. The Group has 3 brand names (ISA, COF and TASSELLI) and operates 5 production facilities, for a total of 100 000 covered square meters, 4 400 of which are dedicated to the research and development centre (the Isa Research and Development Department) and a large showroom. The company’s production capacity exceeds one hundred thousand pieces per year, and it currently employs nearly one thousand workers.


ISECO Engineering Services is a leading Australian specialist consultancy in commercial and industrial refrigeration. ISECO services include independent consulting & project management to refrigeration users in the food, supermarket, production and processing industries. Over the last 16 years the company has been engaged in over 500 projects across a broad spectrum of industries, mainly in food production and storage.


Isotherm, Inc. is a custom manufacturer of heat transfer & refrigeration equipment, with over years of specialized heat transfer engineering. Founded in 1999 and based in Arlington, TX, Isotherm, Inc. has been a reliable manufacturer of heat exchangers for its domestic and international clients and continues to be the premium manufacturer whose main goal is to establish long term partnerships with its customers.


Over a half century, Nihon Itomic has been considered a forerunner as a manufacturer producing electric water heaters for industrial use in Japan with a dominant market share of 70%. The company is committed to full customer satisfaction with expertise in technology and innovative ideas, and more importantly is conscious about safety and making products environmentally friendly. Nihon Itomic is proud to proclaim that Itomic was the very first manufacturer to launch a commercial Eco-cute (COheat pump water heater) on the world market in 2002.


Many years of experience, state-of-the-art production plant and great location are the few of many factors that contribute to JBG-2’s success. Hundreds of satisfied customers around the world especially appreciate our creative approach, flexibility and commitment to the successful completion of every project.

Since the very beginning of our activities in 1989 ecology has been our main concern, both at the stage of the production itself and at the subsequent effect of our products on the environment.

For the sake of quality, we carry out tests in our certified laboratories that meet the requirements of ISO 23953-2:2015. Quality management is based on the ISO 9001-2015 standard.


For more than 60 years protein processors across the globe have relied upon JBT to deliver leading integrated solutions. JBT’s broad portfolio includes Schroder and Wolf-tec brine preparation, injection, maceration, tenderization, product handling and vacuum loading, massaging; DSI waterjet portioners, red meat and pork belly trimming systems, and portioning software; Stein coating and cooking systems including THERMoFIN fryers, GYRoCOMPACT spiral ovens, JSO Jet Stream ovens and Double D Revoband linear ovens; and Frigoscandia freezing and refrigeration systems, which include the GYRoCOMPACT self-stacking and the ADVANTEC linear/impingement freezing system. JBT is continually building on our innovation, experience and global presence, and as a result, we proudly welcome the addition of AVURE, TIPPER TIE, C.A.T., JBT XVISION, A&B Process Systems and Proseal to our family. We supplies both customized industrial and turnkey solutions used in the food processing industry. With innovation, we design, manufacture and service turnkey, as well as custom food processing equipment for the preparation of meat, seafood and poultry products, ready-to-eat meals, shelf stable packaged foods, bakery products, juice and dairy products and fruit and vegetable products. Visit us to learn more about our expanded product offerings and services.


Johnson Controls delivers products, services and solutions that increase energy efficiency and lower operating costs in buildings for more than one million customers. Operating from 500 branch offices in more than 150 countries, the company is a leading provider of equipment, controls and services for heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, refrigeration and security systems. Johnson Controls has been involved in more than 500 renewable energy projects including solar, wind and geothermal technologies. Its solutions have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 16 million metric tons and generated savings of $7.5 billion since 2000. Many of the world’s largest companies rely on them to manage 1.5 billion square feet of their commercial real estate.


The K65 tube system has been developed in response to the use of R744 as an environmentally friendly refrigerant e.g. for supermarket refrigeration systems. K65 simplifies the selection process, as the Wieland K65 alloy provides an enhanced mechanical strength high enough to withstand the huge pressure ratings required.  K65 has excellent processing properties that are similar to those of copper. Wieland K65 tubes can easily be brazed to Conex Baenninger K65 fittings. This K65 system is covered by a joint system guarantee that includes CO2 applications. Having such a high mechanical strength, the K65 tube can be made with comparatively thin walls allowing for an economical utilization of material, while still meeting high technical demands. The thinner walls of the tubes not only saves on material, but results in a lighter weight product that is easier to handle, for example, when mounting the pipes on ceilings.


KAV Consulting is a refrigeration consulting engineering firm, which designed the world’s first Multi-Function Two Stage Transcritical CO2 Refrigeration System with Parallel Compression (MF2STCO2RSPC) in 2011. The second such system is now under construction and incorporates the world’s first application of a CO2 Evaporative Condenser/Gas Cooler (EC/GC).  The firm recently completed the design for a MF2STCO2RSPC incorporating an EC/GC for a −30°C cold store near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Klaas Visser, the principal of KAV, has 50 years of experience in the design of more than 800 industrial ammonia systems mainly for the meat industry.


Together with about 100 group companies in Japan and overseas, Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) oversees the formation of a “technology corporate group.” 

KHI produced the world’s first commercially available R718 turbo chillerin 2013.The R718 turbo chiller has a cooling capacity of 100RT (352 kW) and the COP reaches 5.1 – a value not often seen in connection with water refrigerant technologies.


KFCh – The National Refrigeration Forum (Krajowe Forum Chlodnictwa) is an independent, self-financing organization, representing today more than 120 companies in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector in Poland, which employ more than 3,000 people. Their members are installers, services, traders, and manufacturers. Most of them are small and medium companies. The mission of KFCh is to unite the national sector of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps and to support the sector development.

The association takes part in consulting and creating new European and national legislation and in the implementation in Poland. We are a member of international industry organizations, such as the European association of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump contractors (AREA), the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE) and the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR).


K Refrigeration Group is made up of a dedicated and passionate team, dedicated to offer a flexible and customer-oriented service. One of its two business lines is the Koxka brand, which has been around for over 50 years in the fields of commercial and industrial refrigeration. With the aim of creating efficient refrigeration projects adapted to the customer’s needs, their solutions range from the design of refrigerated furniture to turnkey refrigeration projects. Koxka has a large part of its plug-in range already available with R290 and the remote one with R744.


Over the past 110 years, the work of KUNDO has continued to be creative and innovative, and they have been able to set technological milestones – for instance, in wireless technology, in energy-saving switch panel designs, CO2 gas warning systems, metering solutions or new technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT). Despite all these different developments, the company has always been driven by the vision: ‘Our products have to visibly improve the lives of people.’

The company has developed a gas detection system CO2 CONTROL, which is a decentralized safety system for monitoring harmful CO2 concentrations in artificially ventilated spaces. In order to use CO2 as a natural coolant, it is important for areas with equipment and facilities requiring oversight to be monitored for CO2 leakages and to prevent health hazards. The CO2 CONTROL gas warning system fulfils the statutory requirements and is used in the following situations: safeguarding of cold and deep-freeze rooms at supermarkets and discounters, safeguarding of work environments and all danger zones in which leakages are possible through vaporisers, cable connections or other danger points.


Kysor Warren, a newly acquired part of the Epta Group, is a leading brand of refrigerated display cases & refrigeration systems, that closely partners with their customers to bring complete commercial refrigeration solutions to supermarkets and other food retailers across North and Central America. 

Thanks to Epta’s expertise in CO2 systems and technology, Kysor Warren can now accelerate the transition of the North American market from the traditional synthetic gases to modern natural CO2 systems.


Depuis 1944, le Snefcca, Syndicat National des Entreprises du Froid, des Equipements de Cuisines Professionnelles & du Conditionnement de l’Air, a pour vocation d’informer ses adhérents, de représenter l’ensemble de la profession et de promouvoir les métiers du secteur.

Le Snefcca regroupe et fédère les professionnels du secteur afin de travailler ensemble sur des sujets qui réunissent les acteurs de la filière (formations, énergies renouvelables, réglementation, technique commercial…).

Véritable lobbyiste et porte-parole de la profession, le Snefcca intervient à tous les niveaux pour orienter les décisions selon les intérêts des entrepreneurs. Le Snefcca propose à ses adhérents de multiple outils et supports pour soutenir les chefs d’entreprise dans la gestion quotidienne de leur activité. A travers sa veille réglementaire, législative et juridique, le Snefcca tient informé ses adhérents et les aide à suivre les évolutions.

Le Snefcca a aussi pour vocation de promouvoir les métiers du secteur auprès des jeunes et des établissements scolaires pour assurer l’avenir de la profession.


The Lennox EMEA group, through its brands HK Refrigeration and Friga-Bohn, is a key player for refrigeration solutions. Their expertise covers the following areas: unit coolers, condensers, monoblocks, split systems, dry coolers, and compressor racks.

All of their products, developed by a team of technical experts, meet the normative requirements ecodesign and Fgas. The design of products with natural fluids such as CO2 is a major axis of development of Lennox EMEA. 


The Leonardo da Vinci programme links policy to practice in the field of vocational education and training (VET). Projects range from those giving individuals the chance to improve their competences, knowledge and skills to Europe-wide co-operation between training organisations.


LIFE FRONT (Flammable Refrigerant Options for Natural Technologies) is an EU project aiming to remove barriers posed by standards for flammable refrigerants in refrigeration, heating and cooling applications through: 

– Increasing the availability of climate-friendly alternatives to fluorinated gases 
– Improving system design to address flammability risk 
– Supporting the EU and international standardisation process for flammable refrigerants 
– Engaging in technology capacity building for EU equipment manufacturers 

LIFE FRONT is funded by the EU under the Life Climate Action Programme.


The Linde Group is a world leading gases and engineering company with approximately 63,500 employees working in around 100 countries worldwide. It is one of the world’s largest refrigerant distributors.  Linde’s refrigerants business operates in 5 continents, with more filling stations and retail outlets than any other company. Its wide portfolio of products includes the natural refrigerants CO2, Ammonia & Hydrocarbons.


Lombarda Raccordi Srl is an historic business reality, on the market since 1979. 
Over the years it has developed a high quality service, providing targeted solutions, accurate customer service and a huge selection of products like copper and bronze fittings.Latest news is the high-pressure range of solder copper fittings, a product developed and implemented by Lombarda Raccordi, with an high thickness created to satisfy as required by modern compressors.The company’s success is based on the ability to supply complete fittings for refrigeration, gas distribution, heating systems, chemical, medical and industrial applications, threaded (NPT, ISO 7/1 , ISO 228) and welded . A pioneer in the field of supplying metal pipe fittings, over the years has designed, patented and manufactured several products under its own brand.Lombarda Raccordi is a certified Company, according to UNI EN ISO 9001 since early 1996 and also to UNI EN ISO 14001.


The LU-VE Group of today, with its headquarters in Uboldo (Varese), Italy, has been made possible thanks to a continuous process of cultural and technological innovation starting in 1928 and still continuing strongly now. The strength of the Group lies in its 10 production facilities and 13 sales companies.

This approach led LU-VE to be the first company in the world to apply leading-edge technology solutions
to commercial and industrial refrigeration. LU-VE has introduced a new way of conceiving and making
refrigeration and air conditioning products, using avant-garde technologies
which have then become a constant reference-point for the entire industry.


Founded in 1969, M&M is well-known throughout the industry for its design and fabrication of industrial refrigeration systems across many applications, including cold storage, food processing, ice rinks, and ground freezing. M&M has developed a global installed base of industrial refrigeration systems and is acknowledged for being the first company in the U.S. to implement CO2-cascade refrigeration systems. Our Carnot brand was founded in 2008 as an OEM with a focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly refrigerants. Carnot pioneered the use of CO2 transcritical refrigeration in North America for commercial and industrial applications including data centers, food processing facilities, cold-storage warehouses, supermarkets, ice rinks, and several other industrial applications. We are a global leader in industrial-scale Natural Refrigerant Solutions.


MAJ is a leading international trading company that provides a wide range of products used in a multitude of diverse applications spanning from the commercial market to the aerospace and defence markets.

The company immediately became an invaluable link between manufacturers abroad and the Japanese market by importing a variety of electronics components, AC&R components, and security equipment. In addition to that this company represents brands such as Temprite, Sporlan and HP Product.


Mayekawa is a world leading supplier of industrial cooling & freezing systems, refrigeration compressors, and heat pumps. It actively promotes the “Natural Five” refrigerants, among them CO2, ammonia, and hydrocarbons, for air conditioning, freezing, and cold storage.

Mayekawa freezing and refrigeration technology is built on decades of experience in designing and installing refrigeration plants globally. Based on this technology the company have focused on countering global warming and ozone depletion. Mayekawa manufactures products for the improvement of safety, energy efficiency and the utilization of natural refrigerants.


Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE) Asia is the region’s leading trade exhibition for energy-efficient solutions in HVAC-R, Plumbing Technology, Sanitary Accessories, and Solar Energy that powers industrial plants, commercial and residential buildings. 
During this event it is possible to network with over 12,000 like-minded industry professionals participating that help make every business opportunity reachable at MCE Asia.

MCE Asia provides a dedicated platform to source from over 450 latest technology and solutions on energy efficiency and HVAC-R related equipment that optimise operation, control and maintenance of buildings and plants, network with local and regional industry professionals and learn from the best practices shared by industry thought leaders.

This annual event for professionals will be held in conjunction with the Build Eco Xpo (BEX) Asia 2018, and the International Green Building Conference 2018, under the all encompassing tree of the Singapore Green Building Week (SGBW).


MicroGroove’s technology uses small diameter copper tubes to make heat exchanger coils with high heat transfer coefficients, for use in high-efficiency commercial and residential air conditioning and refrigeration products. MicroGroove’s copper tubes are available from a range of suppliers and come in sizes from conventional to small diameters with various wall thickness.


MITA Cooling Technologies designs, manufactures and sells open and closed circuit cooling towers for civil and industrial water, evaporative condensers, adiabatic coolers and condensers, gas coolers and subcoolers, complete cooling systems. In 60 years of history over 30,000 systems have been installed throughout Europe.

Thanks to its experience in commercial refrigeration (food-storage), MITA Cooling Technologies now proposes a series of patented adiabatic subcoolers for transcritical CO2 plants; as well as adiabatic gas coolers. Both of them are designed focusing on energy efficiency.

Substainability, reliability, innovation are the three values the company has given to itself as guidelines for R&D activities and daily operations: its team follows a consultancy based approach, leveraging on information retrieval and studying solutions together with its customers.


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has been at the cutting edge in the development of refrigeration and air conditioning systems for more than 80 years. Today, the company continues to innovate and introduce new technologies that achieve high levels of efficiency in all of its products using CO2.

MHI’s range of products include its new air-to-water heat pumps and award winning large capacity centrifugal chillers, which are internationally recognised as one of the most energy efficient cooling systems available.


Mobil™ industrial lubricants have a legacy of innovation and decades of proven performance, helping improve productivity and ensure operators get the job done right. For more than 150 years, its industrial expertise has helped companies around the world lower costs, improve productivity, enhance equipment efficiency and much more.

 The company’s highly experienced Equipment Builder engineers work closely with leading OEMs to help guide researchers and lubricant formulators in developing leading-edge lubricants for the most demanding applications. Regardless of the application or the industry, Mobil™ is uniquely positioned to help operators meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.


Modine Manufacturing Company was founded in 1916 on Arthur B. Modine’s vision for excellence and innovation in thermal management technology. In 1922, Modine entered the HVAC industry with his historic invention of the hydronic unit heater. Today, that same innovative, entrepreneurial spirit continues through its solutions that are among the most comprehensive in the world.

Modine’s heat transfer solutions have set industry standards for efficiency, economy and durability.

Through its brand “ECO Heat Transfer Coolers” Modine offers a wide range of applications for CO2, from unit coolers of every size and function, to traditional “gas coolers”, “flat bed”, “v-shaped” or “packaged”, the latter supplied with sound and weatherproof compressor housing. All units fully respond to the levels of flexibility, efficiency and reliability demanded by an industry that is in continuous evolution. Modine completes its offer of “ECO Heat Transfer Coolers” branded products with a wide range of heavy-duty commercial coolers that utilize NH3 (Ammonia).

For over a century, Modine continues to be a trusted name and millions of HVAC&R related products for residential, industrial, and commercial air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and refrigeration markets bear the Modine brands, including other popular products used in industries such as renewable energy, power generation and automotive.


Mueller Industries is global manufacturer and leader in the production of piping systems, climate control, and industrial metals products. The company specializes in copper and copper alloy manufacturing while also producing goods made from aluminum, steel, and plastics.

Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee USA and with operations around the world, Mueller Industries is comprised of many different companies and brands including Streamline® copper tube, line sets, fittings, and refrigeration valves as well as Westermeyer Industries® oil separators, liquid receivers, accumulators, condensers, DX chillers, and other HVACR related products.


Multiconsult has 100 years of experience with consulting engineering in Norway and abroad. The company maintains its high competence through participation in research and development work. Multiconsult is affiliated to the Federation of Consulting Engineers – FIDIC.

Multiconsult´s business areas include:
– Buildings & Properties
– Industry
– Oil & Gas
– Transportation & Infrastructure
– Energy
– Environment & Society

National center of competence in the field of refrigeration and heat pumping systems.


The North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council (NASRC) is an action-oriented nonprofit dedicated to advancing natural refrigerants to create a more sustainable, climate-friendly future for supermarket refrigeration

NASRC is shaping a more sustainable, climate-friendly future for supermarket refrigeration. The technology, best practices, and manpower exist to greatly reduce the impact that supermarket refrigeration has on the environment, but right now lots of hurdles stand in the way. 


The Natural Refrigerants Company has developed special expertise on natural refrigerants, and provides a range of solutions using CO2, ammonia or hydro-carbons, which combine energy efficient cooling with quality construction. The Natural Refrigerants Company’s driving force is to achieve the lowest operational cost for green refrigeration on the Australian market. The company provides cooling solutions for, among others, supermarkets, refrigeration and freezing facilities, the food processing industry, chemical industry as well as air conditioning for office/school buildings using natural refrigerants.


Nidec is an expert in advanced compressor technologies for various refrigerants inlcuding R600a (isobutane) and R290 (propane) for domestic, light commercial and mobile systems. The company is dedicated to creating and supporting intelligent solutions supporting energy efficient technologies.

Nidec recently enhanced its successful R290 compressor program with the release of a new generation of propane compressors for LBP and MBP applications like bottle coolers, ice-cream cabinets and commercial refrigerators.


Nihon Netsugen Systems Co. Ltd., a Japanese manufacturer of refrigeration systems using screw compressors, such as heat pumps, provides made-to-order systems for both industrial refrigeration and air conditioning for buildings. The company offers high-efficiency CO2 and NH3 systems for sectors such as the food industry, chemical plants and automobile industry. Nihon Netsugen Systems has a strong partnership with the GEA group in Germany, using GEA’s latest technologies in most of its systems.


NXTCOLD LLC technology has been under development for over 6 years. The NXTCOLDTM brand and all related intellectual property is owned privately. NXTCOLD units feature highly advanced patented technology used in a packaged refrigeration system designed to operate with an ultra-low charge of 8 ounces per ton of refrigeration. Patented intellectual property was developed over the past 5 years by the inventor, John Scherer, an experienced and gifted refrigeration technology engineer with more than 35 years of patent development and operational experience. The NXTCOLD packaged unit is designed to meet industrial refrigeration requirements for maintaining -20 to + 55 degrees F storage environments.


Obrist Engineering focuses on the development of environmentally friendly systems and components for air conditioning and heating, with a stronghold in the automotive market. The main activities over the last 10 years have been dedicated to the development of R744 compressors, but also other components for use in CO2 MAC systems, commercial and transport refrigeration, as well as heat pumps.



Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions is a market leader for heating and cooling technologies with over 60 years of experience, providing millions of distributors, installers and end users in more than 120 countries with the latest HVAC+R systems and solutions. We provide advanced, sustainable systems, incorporating cutting edge technologies that set the standard for heating, cooling, and refrigeration worldwide. We are committed to pursuing new value through innovation, using our sustainable technologies to create a better life and a better world.


Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions is a market leader for heating and cooling technologies with over 60 years of experience, providing millions of distributors, installers and end users in more than 120 countries with the latest HVAC+R systems and solutions. We provide advanced, sustainable systems, incorporating cutting edge technologies that set the standard for heating, cooling, and refrigeration worldwide. We are committed to pursuing new value through innovation, using our sustainable technologies to create a better life and a better world.


Parker Hannifin provides comfort and convenience through refrigeration and air conditioning. With extensive engineering expertise in motion and control, market leading breadth of product, and unequaled global distribution, Parker Hannifin provides innovative components and complete systems suitable for CO2, hydrocarbons and ammonia refrigerants to customers worldwide. Its Micro Thermo TechnologiesTM products such as case controller and rack control solutions have been providing food retailers and convenience stores with advanced CO2 control in North America for over a decade. 

The Sporlan Division is one of the preferred component suppliers of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. Sporlan’s success is built on a history of innovation, from pioneering selective charges for expansion valves, to its current precision step motor technology and electronic “smart” valves. 


PATKOL Public Company Limited was established as Development Machinery Co., Ltd. in 1965 to create the best products and services for its customers. With commitment and creativity “Patkol” today has become a leader in the machinery industry and for industrial applications that provide a wide range of products. 

PATKOL is more than a specialist in engineering, it is a one-stop service to customers with implementation, consulting, planning, design, installation and operation. 

PATKOL’s business includes ice machines, refrigeration, dairy & beverage, food proccessing engineering, petrochemicals and integrated business units as well as project management.


Pecomark es una empresa de más de 55 años, especializada en refrigeración, que desde sus inicios se ha comprometido en suministrar los materiales, accesorios y maquinaria frigoríficos de las tecnologías más innovadoras. En la actualidad, debido al cambio que supone la normativa europea de F-gas y el impuesto español sobre los gases fluorados, Pecomark también es puntera en el suministro de materiales y maquinaria especialmente fabricados y diseñados con refrigerantes naturales, ya sea amoniaco, CO2 o hidrocarburo

Concretamente, Pecomark dispone de una amplio surtido de compresores, valvulería, evaporadores e intercambiadores para NH3, que suministra como componentes o bien ensamblados en unidades o centrales frigoríficas fabricadas en Pecomark Industrial. 
Con una amplia experiencia en centrales de CO2 subcrítico, que ya son desde hace 5 años un producto “estandarizado” en Pecomark, también han iniciado la andadura en la tecnología de CO2 transcrítico con una gran variedad de componentes para ella.


PermaCold Engineering, Inc. is an award-winning industrial refrigeration engineering and installation firm, dedicated to designing the most efficient, earth-friendly systems. Founded in 1993 in Portland, Oregon, PermaCold is recognized for its expertise in designing systems for optimum efficiency, dependability and value, and also provides customers with preventative maintenance and repairs, retrofitting services, expert consulting on efficiency and regulatory compliance, and more.

PermaCold focuses on engineering energy efficient, environmentally safe systems and is an industry leader in green industrial refrigeration and the advancement of natural refrigerant alternatives. It is committed to pursuing the latest technologies that reduce system materials, designed in conjunction with modern LED lighting and other energy-saving technologies – living up to its slogan of “Our Planet – Our Responsibility.”


Profroid is the European manufacturing leader of ready-to-use refrigeration equipment for industrial and commercial applications.

With more than 60 years of experience, they are present in 56 countries around the world. On the French territory, as worldwide, a sales team with nearly 30 people offers proximity service to the contractor.

Their unique range of products in Europe covers air coolers, condensers, commercial and industrial condensing units, power packs, as well as customized products specially adapted to your applications ranging from 500 Watts up to the Megawatt. From their production site in Aubagne, our commitment is to deliver industrial-quality products based on a comprehensive certification, conformity to regulation (CE and PED) and performance certification (ENV327 by TUV and Cetiat) not to mention several factory performed quality tests.

Featuring reactivity, they focus on providing the best lead time for their services and products. Environmental topics are subject to great attention with an innovative product offer in the field of energy savings and use of ecological fluid such as CO2.


PROZON The Foundation for Climate Protection (Fundacja Ochrony Klimatu) is a self-financing non-governmental organisation that has been working for the past 24 years to reduce emissions of harmful gases used in refrigeration, air conditioning and the power industry. The establishment of the Foundation by suppliers of refrigerants was an expression of their ecological awareness and the need to conduct socially responsible business operations.

Thanks to cooperation with thousands of service and repair companies in Poland, each year the Foundation reclaims dozens of tons of refrigerants that are harmful to the ozone layer and impact climate change.  This activity has an important ecological dimension as it allows the production of harmful gases to be reduced.

The Foundation provides reclamation services, laboratory analyses and organises training courses for the refrigeration and power sectors. The ultimate goal of such training sessions is to create responsible attitudes and, consequently, to reduce harmful gas emissions. Within the international consortium called REAL Alternatives, the Foundation promotes innovative and safe solutions in the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors. The Founders’ assembly comprises: Air Products Sp. z o.o., Linde Gaz Polska Sp. z o.o., Schiessl Polska Sp. z o.o.


Resource Data Management (RDM)  develops, manufactures and distributes world class control and energy management products and software for retail refrigeration, building management systems (BMS), energy management, HVAC and many other control applications. The company provides its customers with highly intuitive, flexible end to end solutions. RDM works extensively with a number of global retailers and businesses, providing systems and controls operating with CO2


The European F-Gas Regulation encourages wider adoption of alternatives to high GWP HFC refrigerants. Industry groups are joining together to help provide information on the safe use of alternatives such as ammonia, hydrocarbon, carbon dioxide and low flammables though the REAL Alternatives learning programme.    
Resources developed as part of the project offer innovative blended learning – a mix of e-learning, face-to-face training materials, practical exercises, assessments and an e-library of learning resources – the programme has brought together industry knowledge and expertise from across Europe about alternative refrigerants.

REAL Alternatives has built on the successful REAL Skills Europe & REAL Zero containment approaches (Refrigerants, Emissions And Leakage – Zero). It was prepared by a consortium of Partners from across Europe, co-funded by the EU, included training and professional institutes as well as employer representative bodies.  
Industry stakeholders drawn from employers, manufacturers, trade associations and professional institutes have contributed learning material, advised on content, helped to pilot and to promote the programme as it developed.


RefPlus takes pride in its customization capabilities to offer the most efficient solutions tailored to its clients’ specific needs.  With its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located in St-Hubert, Quebec and strong design and engineering capabilities, RefPlus builds the best quality products on the market and delivers the best lead times in the industry. As a manufacturer, RefPlus has developed with the mentality of an engineering team looking to design and build the best products on the market, tailored specifically to customer needs. 

In order to reduce the refrigerant environmental footprint, RefPlus has launched the ZeroLeak program. The objective of this audacious program is to reduce the risks of leakage by designing an innovative refrigeration equipment line. RefPlus coils are designed to deliver the ultimate heat transfer efficiency under all operating conditions.


The Refrigerants, Naturally! for LIFE project aims to promote the uptake of climate-friendly cooling alternatives among end users of refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump (RACHP) equipment and servicing providers. The focus of the project is on two main aspects:

1. Increase the uptake of training for service personnel of equipment using climate-friendly alternatives

2. Raise awareness and increase the uptake of climate friendly cooling alternatives among the organic food retail (OFR) sector as a representative of individual retailers largely not organized in bigger company groups (including corner stores, convenience stores, butchers, bakeries, snacks), but with strong growth potential in urban settings.

The Ref, Nat! for LIFE project has received funding from the LIFE Programme of the European Union.


Refrigeration & HVAC Indonesia presents a robust B2B Platform and opens as the ‘Largest Refrigeration and Climate Control Exhibition in Indonesia’, focusing on three combined sectors – HVAC&R technology; power and renewable energy; and food cold chain technology.


REI-TECH is a leading Japanese distributor of HVAC&R products, including showcases, refrigeration units for cold storage facilities and air conditioning units for stores and buildings. It is the appointed distributor of AHT Cooling Systems products, including plug-in units using hydrocarbons for the food retail industry, for the Japanese market. REI-TECH is committed to providing high quality products emphasising safety, energy efficiency, ease of installation and maintenance-free usage.


RETA’s mission is to educate. Through their efforts, they ensure that operators and technicians are equipped with the knowledge to safely run their equipment. RETA provides current and up-to-date information in their publications, the Breeze, Technical Report and Pipeline on all aspects of the industry. RETA has a library of instructional materials available as teaching aids, used by individual members and colleges across the country. Their certification program is the only ANSI accredited program of its kind in the U.S.


ripKurrent is a disruptive force within the Energy Services industry that combines a wide range of engineering expertise with game-changing, climate-conscious technologies focused on delivering 30-50% energy savings for our clients. Our ideal client is one that has a high intensity of energy consumption or a large portfolio of facilities that together equate to a substantial utility spend. ripKurrent specializes in innovative HVAC, refrigeration, lighting, controls technologies along with cloud-based energy management and analytics platforms that continuously measure, monitor and control our clients’ facilities in order to maximize energy efficiencies, reduce carbon footprint and achieve tremendous cost savings that ultimately boost bottom-line profits.


Rivacold, established in 1966, has reached through the years an important position as a manufacturer and distributor of products and components to the refrigeration and air conditioning industry in general. The company’s wealth of experience and research has culminated in manufacturing and supplying products which conform with international quality standards and growing innovation demand, with a particular focus on natural gas applications.

This has resulted in Rivacold becoming a leading company in the manufacture of efficient and environmentally sustainable refrigeration equipment including: condensing units and hermetic systems for commercial applications; packaged and split refrigerating systems; housed condensing units and multi-compressor packs for commercial  and  industrial applications; copper-aluminium heat exchangers, gas coolers and unit coolers.


RLS LLC (Rapid Locking Systems) is a Marmon/Berkshire Hathaway Company based in Shelbina, Missouri, USA. The company manufacturers various patented press to connect fittings designed to handle the pressures and unique requirements of todays modern HVAC and refrigeration systems. 

These quick and reliable connections include copper press to connect fittings sold in the contractor channel by their partner Parker Sporlan under the brand name Zoomlock. The company also manufactures and sells aluminum press to connect fittings for ammonia systems and in early 2018 will introduce stainless press to connect fittings for CO2systems. These stainless press to connect fittings will be certified to 150 bar. All press to connect fittings produced by RLS can be installed in under 30 seconds utilizing press tools and jaws from the worlds leading press tool manufacturers. 


Roberts Oxygen is a family owned independent distributor with 38 locations and a network of CO2 suppliers providing R744 refrigerant grade CO2, as well as compressed and specialty gases within the United States.

Roberts is an innovative distributor of R744 refrigerant grade CO2 in 50 pound cylinders, 1 1/2 to 3 3/4 ton Micro Bulk CO2 delivery trucks and large trailers. Our Micro Bulk CO2trucks gives us greater flexibility to provide R744 in less than full size trailers or to restricted delivery areas. The CO2 is tested to insure the moisture level is below 10 PPM as required for R744 refrigerant grade CO2.


RSES, the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society, is one of the world’s leading education, training and certification associations for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration professionals. RSES credentials include the Active Specialized Member (SM), Certificate Member (CM) and Certificate Member Specialist (CMS) exam series (since 1935), and one of the largest EPA Section 608 programs in the industry. Founded in 1933, RSES is a non-profit organization of members in chapters in the U.S. and Canada, as well as affiliate organizations worldwide.


Saginomiya is a one of leading manufacturer of automatic controls dedicated for refrigeration and air-conditioning units. The company has over 75 years of expertise in designing and producing a wide portfolio of products. Saginomiya began providing products for CO2 transcritical systems since 2000 and gradually extended its portfolio. The company’s CO2 line-ups are applicable to various units including CO2 heat pumps, bottle coolers, show cases, supermarket systems, refrigeration units, and many more. Saginomiya is one of the major suppliers to “Eco Cute” hot water heatpump using CO2that was marketed in Japan since 2001, and since then 400-500.000 heat pumps are being sold annually.


Saijo Denki is the top air-conditioning brand in Thailand that was established in Osaka, Japan in 1987 and is now based in Nontaburi, Thailand with over 500 employees.  

The company produces residential, light commercial, and commercial air conditioners, and heat pumps. Saijo Denki holds over 50 patens one of them being the GPS Inverter that uses IoT technology. 

Being a market innovator in energy savings and air purification, Saijo Denki is investing in developing R290 heat pump water heater and chiller technologies. 


The SANDEN Group is a global leader in heating & cooling technologies. We design and manufacture automotive air-conditioning systems, vending machines, commercial refrigeration systems, residential heat pumps and other environmental systems.

With more than 13,000 people and 54 locations in 23 countries and regions, SANDEN has been committed in delivering high quality solutions responding to the needs of its customers. SANDEN is at the forefront of environmental protection, through sustainable manufacturing practices and continuous enhancement of product durability and energy efficiency.

Since 2009, SANDEN has been a leading player in CO2 Technology, which uses natural, non-toxic, non-flammable and climate-friendly CO2 refrigerant (R744). SANDEN CO2Technology based offer includes in-house made compressors, flexible cooling modules and a wide range of systems for retail & light commercial refrigeration, industrial cooling and thermal comfort heat pumps.


Sanhua Refrigeration Industrial Group has been a global leader in the manufacturing of controls and components in the HVAC&R industry for over 30 years. Our partnerships with some of the largest companies in the industry, coupled with our recent acquisition of the Ranco and Aweco brands, now positions us as one of the world’s foremost OEM suppliers and manufacturers of Expansion, Solenoid and Reversing Valves across the globe.

We have annual valve sales of over 100 million pieces and we service specialists known throughout the European-markets. We provide innovative and high-quality components and control systems for air-conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems for residential and commercial use.


Scantec Refrigeration Technologies, a design and construction refrigeration specialist, pioneered the low charge, central ammonia refrigeration plant. Centralized low charge ammonia refrigeration plants feature up to three times lower annual energy consumption than industry standard HFC based systems and up to one third lower annual energy consumption than conventional liquid overfeed systems. An investment in future proofing by switching from HFC to low charge ammonia will be returned in as little as five years.

Based on multiple experiences of 20+ refrigeration and air conditioning plant users in the last five years, Scantec recommends to switch to low charge ammonia refrigeration or air conditioning solutions to reduce costs and avoid exposing your business to rapidly escalating HFC costs and several other supply risk factors.

Scantec Refrigeration Technologies specialise in the design, installation, automation and servicing of industrial and commercial refrigeration plants predominantly employing environmentally benign natural refrigerant such as NH3 and CO2.


Southern California Edison provides electricity and energy efficiency rebates and incentives for lighting, CFLs, food service technology, HVAC, air conditioning and related electric appliances and systems to help manage electricity costs.


Schneider Electric is a global specialist in energy management and automation. With revenues of €25 billion in FY2014, our 170,000 employees serve customers in over 100 countries, helping them to manage their energy and process in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable. From the simplest of switches to complex operational systems, our technology, software and services improve the way our customers manage and automate their operations. Our connected technologies will reshape industries, transform cities and enrich lives. 

At Schneider Electric, we call this Life Is On.


SCI is the leader compressor manufacturer in Thailand, which produces environmentally friendly inverter compressors for worldwide customers, that would ultimately promote a better quality of life. Every stage of production process is controlled by modern and sophisticated technology for innovation showcases of cooling, heating and refrigeration applications.


SCM FRIGO,a leading OEM manufacturer of refrigerating systems, was established in 1979. Based in Venice, Italy, the company currently employs more than 100 people. With almost 40 years of experience, it has developed a strong skill set for solutions in the refrigeration sector. 

As the company’s core values are based on environmental sustainability and innovations, SCM FRIGO has been developing natural refrigerant technologies since 2004 and has now become a leader of CO2 refrigeration systems production. 

Its wide range of condensing units and power packs with Natural (CO2 and NH3) and HFC refrigerants for both commercial and industrial applications accentuates the company in the European market. 

Customer care, technical competence, production flexibility and strong partnerships with suppliers are the fundamental values SCM FRIGO believes in.


Secop is an expert in advanced compressor technologies for various refrigerants inlcuding R600a (isobutane) and R290 (propane) for domestic, light commercial and mobile systems. The company is dedicated to creating and supporting intelligent solutions supporting energy efficient technologies.

Secop recently enhanced its successful R290 compressor program with the release of a new generation of propane compressors for LBP and MBP applications like bottle coolers, ice-cream cabinets and commercial refrigerators.


Settala Gas is a leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly hydrocarbon propellants branded PURIFAIR and hydrocarbon pure gases with high purities for scientific and laboratory uses. Founded in 1966, the company is based in Italy and specialised also in the production of hydrocarbons refrigerants branded PURIFRIGOR. This is a valid, economical and ecological substitute for CFC, HCFC and HFC. Part of the PURIFRIGOR range is R290 and R600a, environmentally friendly refrigerants used by manufacturers of domestic and industrial refrigerators.



Shibata Welding Construction will support “creating assets” for all our customers, with our philosophy of “trust” and “reliability”. We believe that “trust” is the technology and quality that we have accumulated through our commitment to developing and manufacturing of products without compromise. The spirit of “constant delivery of good products to customers” has continued since our foundation in 1963.

Our company offers a variety of special freezing/refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, according to customer requirements.

We started development of the “Naturale Series” rack unit using CO2 as a refrigerant in 2012 and released it at HVAC & R Japan 2018.

In 2020, we developed a new small CO2 chiller unit. We create an environment-friendly and bright future through refrigeration technology.


The SINTEF Group is the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia. Its Energy Research department is building on expertise in refrigeration and heat pump technology using CO2 as a refrigerant within mobile air conditioning, industrial and commercial refrigeration, hot water heat pumps, and transport refrigeration since 1989.


Source Refrigeration & HVAC is a market leader in the design, installation, repair & maintenance, and optimization of mission critical refrigeration & HVAC systems. Headquartered in Anaheim, California, the company has approximately 1,000 field-based service and installation experts serving the daily needs of more than 2,500 customers nationwide. Source Refrigeration & HVAC is proud to enjoy long standing relationships with many of today’s leading grocery retailers as well as market-leaders in many other industries. Source is a founding member of NASRC.


Established in 1988 by a group of engineers, Space Engineering Services has developed into a nationwide provider of Refrigeration and Building Services, including the manufacture of refrigeration plant technology. To date, the company has manufactured, upgraded and installed over 4,000 packaged plant solutions, including circa 400 CO2 packs. Through in-house CO2 training sessions, Space Engineering ensures that its engineers have the skills to deliver ongoing service and maintenance for these systems.


Sphere Solutions is a company that focusses on expertly engineered solutions for the cooling environment that are designed to be future-fit; it is also our approach to purposeful business, insight, partnerships, and people. We are passionate and focused, and are conscious that every one of our actions must have a significant positive impact. We are mindful of the present and of the future, committed to practical idealism about the role we play in a changing world and the mindsets of all who live in it. We design with a conscience. We create with foresight. We are sustainable by design. 

Sphere Solutions manufactures a green, technologically-advanced, customisable range of solutions for all heating and cooling needs. Using their engineering, technical and design expertise, Sphere Solutions produces unique products such as CO2 transcritical refrigeration packs, chillers and heat pumps, based on customer size and requirements.


SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of cooling towers, evaporative fluid coolers, evaporative condensers and air cooled heat exchangers providing full-service cooling solutions and support to customers in the power generation, petrochemical, industrial, refrigeration, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) markets for more than 100 years. SPX Cooling Technologies and its product brands are part of SPX Corporation.


Star Refrigeration, one of the UK’s largest independent industrial refrigeration engineering companies, is a Total Solutions Provider, focusing on refrigeration and air conditioning. With a continuous commitment to innovation and development, Star delivers cooling and heating solutions and services that help customers reduce operating cost and carbon emissions and increase efficiency. 

Founded in 1970 in Glasgow, Star has an impressive track record in a variety of sectors including food processing, dairy, process cooling, pharmaceutical & petrochemical, retail, temperature controlled distribution, brewing & distilling, leisure & ice, building services and IT.

– The company also includes a technical advisory arm, Star Technical Solutions (STS), which operates as an independent consultancy, providing advice on refrigeration engineering issues.
– Star owns food freezing and chilling equipment specialist Starfrost and mechanical and electrical contractors Star M&E Solutions.
– Star offer their low charge ammonia packages to the US market and now manufacture in the USA. Their Azane range of low charge, packaged ammonia products are suitable for temperature controlled storage, process cooling and inline freezing applications.
– Star also offers an award-winning online training platform via their website http://www.i-know.com


Stellar is a fully integrated design, engineering, construction and mechanical services firm that provides the industry’s most comprehensive range of self-performed services, including planning, design, preconstruction, construction, refrigeration, mechanical and utility, building envelope, and total operations and maintenance services. Stellar creates award-winning food processing plants, refrigerated warehouses, distribution centers, commercial buildings and military facilities.


Super Radiator Coils designs and manufactures plate fin style heat exchangers – including condensers, evaporators and fluid coils – with options for alternative refrigerants, hydrocarbons and/or ammonia. We design to fit our customers’ application, whether it’s a formed or segmented coil due to space limitations, staged fins or high pressure applications (CO2). We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and can build to UL, ETL and NSF standards.


Swep has developed a Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger for Gas Cooler Applications. For manufacturers of industrial and transport cooling and supermarket refrigeration systems, who utilize environmentally friendly refrigerants, the B17 provides reliable performance for transcritical pressures.


“Made in Quebec” is a symbol of Systemes LMP’s commitment to quality. For well over a decade, the company has been among the market leaders in manufacturing energy-efficient and reliable cooling modules and heat recovery systems for commercial and industrial refrigeration. Systemes LMP provides one of the most adaptable transcritical refrigeration solutions on the market, tailor-made solutions to fit specific customer needs. One of the company’s priorities is environmental sustainability, which is reflected in its products optimised for natural refrigerant CO2.


Tecnofreddo is an Italian company and a leader in the RHVAC sector for more than 30 years. The success of its company is in part thanks to its Aerre branch, which specializes in the manufacturing of industrial & commercial refrigeration units. Tecnofreddo ECO3 is the signature on the machines using propane, ammonia and carbon dioxide in place of traditional refrigerants. Advanced manufacturing, customization, in-depth technical expertise, compliance with rigorous quality standards and certificates are all parts of each realized product manufactured by Tecnofreddo.


Tecumseh Products Company is an industry leader in developing compressors and condensing units that utilize hydrocarbon refrigerants R290 (propane) and R600a (isobutane). Tecumseh has been producing HC refrigerant-ready compressors for more than 12 years, mostly in Europe and South America. Today, its family of eco-friendly compressors numbers more than 150 models, including the globally available AE2 fractional horsepower compressor for commercial refrigeration.


With more than 30 years of experience in refrigeration technology, TEKO offers high-quality products, reliability and expertise in wide range of system solutions in cooling, heating and air conditioning. TEKO products include perfectly customized refrigeration units made in Germany, heat exchangers, controlling equipment and mountings.


The Temprite tradition of innovation continues with its introduction of Liquid Refrigerant Receivers (both vertical and horizontal) along with Suction Accumulators.  Liquid Receivers and Suction Accumulators are available for all refrigerants and pressures.  These product offerings complement Temprite’s traditional oil separator, oil reservoir, and oil management product lines.

Temprite has energy-efficient coalescent and conventional oil separators for every type of refrigerant. Temprite offers ammonia compatible versions of its 920 & 920R Series of coalescent oil separators. The standard 920 & 920R series are also compatible with traditional refrigerant systems and subcritical CO2 systems. The 130 Series of coalescent oil separators is designed specifically for transcritical CO2

Every Temprite product is engineered and manufactured to enable improved refrigeration system thermal efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and provide the highest possible return on investment. Temprite products are the solution to rising energy costs, longer system life and reduced carbon emissions. 

spanish version

Con nuevos separadores de aceite coalescentes y convencionales de bajo consumo de energía para todo tipo de refrigerantes, Temprite continua a ser un líder en innovación.  

Los separadores de aceite coalescentes de Serie 920 y 920R, se pueden usar con sistemas de enfriamiento de amoniaco (NH3) y sistemas subcríticos de CO2. La Serie 130 de separadores de aceite coalescentes está diseñada específicamente para CO2 transcrítico.  

Todos los productos de Temprite están diseñados y fabricados para mejorar la eficiencia térmica de sistemas de enfriamiento, reducir emisiones de carbono, y producir el mayor rendimiento posible de la inversión inicial.  La solución a incrementos en gastos de energía, extensiones de la vida útil de sistemas, y reducción de emisiones de carbono se encuentran en productos Temprite.


Tewis Smart is a firm specialised in developing and commercialising integrated solutions in industrial and commercial cooling, air conditioning and energy efficiency. 

The company boasts a workforce trained to cover each project’s key needs thanks to their experience and know-how in the areas of engineering, refrigeration, and regulation and monitoring. They cover any plant or industrial process within food and beverage, logistical platforms, chemical and pharmaceutical companies, meat and fish processing, fruit and vegetable distribution and many other sectors.

Tewis owns its own laboratories for experimenting with new technologies that enable attaining greater efficiency in our installations and propose personalised solutions for each client. These laboratories also offer training to refrigeration engineers, installers and professionals based on the theoretical and practical study of applied technological innovations.

Tewis proposals are different from traditional proposals in the sector, enabling a substantial reduction in investment costs and stress-free control of installation costs. The company works with solutions based on CO2, NH3, and heat transfer fluids among others, always offering installations with an optimised ratio of efficiency to investment to sustainability.


The Cool Group is one of the most renowned manufacturer, distributor and Cold chain service provider of commercial freezers, coolers and eutectic products in Thailand, and Asia Pacific. The Cool manufactures all Cold chain products with innovative technology and environmental friendly process, certified with standard ISO 9001 : 2008.

The company provides total solutions for full range of ice cream and supermarket freezers, Eutectic & Mobile application system (for dry ice replacement), insulated boxes and thermotainer, beverage coolers, deep freezer & ice pack, coffee machine, ice machine, kitchen equipment and other refrigerated cabinets for ice-cream, frozen food and beverage industry.


THENATURALVOICE is an open statement supported by industry partners around the world that points to the potential of natural refrigerants as a technologically viable, safe and efficient alternative in the global heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC&R) industry.

THENATURALVOICE speaks out about the ecological, economic, and social benefits of CO2, ammonia, and hydrocarbons as replacements to potent greenhouse gases currently used for heating and cooling around the world.

THENATURALVOICE is a positive message to climate negotiators looking for available alternatives to the climate crisis we are facing.


Thermo King, a brand of Ingersoll Rand, is leader in solutions for temperature-controlled transport, supplying the world market from 10 production facilities. Sales and service is provided by a global dealer network of 865 distributors world-wide. The company offers a wide range of refrigeration and heating units for vehicles of all sizes, from small vans to large trailers, as well as airborne and ocean-going containers. In addition Thermo King provides heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment for passenger buses and railcars.


thermofin® is a manufacturer of heat exchangers for a variety of applications in refrigeration and air conditioning. The company was founded in 2002 by Bernd Löffler in Heinsdorfergrund, Germany. Our brand stands for high-quality products “Made in Germany”. We produce evaporators, condensers, air coolers, dry coolers, hydro cooling systems and coils. In co-operation with our customers, we adapt our products individually to each application and enable an efficient and environmentally friendly operation of the installed systems. In addition to numerous standard series, our product range is therefore characterized above all by special solutions that are constantly being further developed. With locations in Germany, Russia, Argentina and China, we are internationally successful.

The newly established production plant in China (2018) is located in the new technology park of Pinghu, 100 km southwest of Shanghai. High quality manufacturing machines and monitoring ensure the quality standard of our products. The site provides the optimal basis to serve the Asian marked from China.


TripleAqua is a world wide patented heat pump system, designed for heating and cooling of medium and large size buildings. The system operates on pure water and the natural hydrocarbon refrigerant propæne and is perfectly suitable for both new and refurbished buildings. Part of the innovation is the ultra efficient thermal transfer and the easiness of the system. Thanks to its flexible design and energy efficiency improvements, TripleAqua allows for significant reductions in construction costs of 25% and decreases in operation costs by at least 50% compared to other heat pumps. The TripleAqua system will officially be launched at ATMOsphere Europe 2015.


For over 65 years, True Manufacturing has been an industry leader in commercial refrigeration and continues to exceed customer’s expectations because of its high standards in customer service, quality materials, design, availability and performance. True has the unique ability to adjust swiftly and decisively to market trends and employ new strategies for meeting customers’ needs. True was one of the original EPA SNAP submitters for hydrocarbon use in commercial refrigeration and is committed to the use of natural refrigerants, that exceed customer demands for quality, efficiency and sustainability.


The Viessmann Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of heating, industrial, and refrigeration systems. This family enterprise was founded in 1917, has 12,000 employees, and the group’s turnover amounts to € 2.25 billion Euro.

Viessmann refrigeration systems is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of sustainable and customer-centric commercial refrigeration solutions. Its product portfolio includes commercial refrigeration cabinets in remote and plug-in technology, cold and freezer rooms, power packs, refrigeration systems as well as accessories and services. Viessmann refrigeration production sites in Germany and Finland provide high-quality refrigeration products and years of expertise in commercial refrigeration. From the local sales companies, the customers can have comprehensive refrigeration solutions from a single source.


The Wieland Group, with headquarters in Ulm, is one of the world’s well-known manufacturers of semi-finished and special products in copper and copper alloys, such as strip, sheet, tubes, rods, wires and sections. Special products include slide bearings, finned tubes and heat exchangers.

As an international company, Wieland has manufacturing companies, slitting centres and trading companies in many European countries as well as in the USA, in South Africa, Singapore, China and India. The global workforce of the Wieland Group is approx. 6,800 strong of which 4,400 are employed in Germany. 

As one of the leading copper tube manufacturers, Wieland can draw on a broad assortment of copper tubes for industrial applications. 


Wurm Elektronische Systeme develops and produces hardware and software for automation technology. Wurm has over 25 years of experience in the field of food refrigeration and the company is one of the technology leaders in the European market with subsidiaries in several European countries.


YAMATO Co. Ltd. is an engineering company specializing in planning, designing, installation and maintenance for freeze and refrigeration facilities and HVAC. For these two areas, YAMATO Co. Ltd. originally developed a thermal heat storage system, accumulating thermal energy during nighttime for daytime loads, to achieve daytime electricity saving. Patented Ultra Eco-Ice System (UEI) is adapted by customers in Japan where it helps reduce daytime electric power demand significantly, improve energy efficiency and reduce running cost. UEI system introduces brine on secondary side and this way significantly reduces HFC refrigerant charge and its leakage.



York, one of the global leaders on air conditioning and industrial refrigeration systems, was founded in 1874 in United States. York has joined Johnson Controls in 2005 till now. 

York industrial refrigeration business has covered a lot of applications such as oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical, process cooling, ice & snow, cold stores, quick frozen food, beer & beverage, dairy, food processing etc. that has been closely related to our daily life.

We have complete product lines about whole refrigeration system, which mainly including screw (or reciprocating, centrifugal) compressors, condensers, evaporators, valves and control system. The unique design technology ensures our products has both high efficiency and high reliability, which has been well recognized by varies of our customers and the market.

York Wuxi factory, founded in 1995, is one of the major global plants for industrial refrigeration equipment manufacturing. The advanced process units, testing facilities and strict quality assurance system has proved our equipment with high quality. York Wuxi factory is not only supplier refrigeration system to China market, but also exported to Asia, Europe as well as North America. 

“Safe, Environmental-friendly, energy-saving” is our leading concept for product development and system design. In recent 5 years York has developed a lot of nice products accordingly. RWKII screw packages are specifically for China F&BR market, CAFP (CO2/Ammonia cascade system) has used natural refrigerant and very compact design to minimize site works. Coming soon there will be low charge ammonia system that increases safety via minimize the ammonia charge. 

Johnson Controls/York refrigeration is willing to provide our most advanced products and best service to our customers globally. 



Zanotti company has a great experience and it is synonym of undiscussed quality, reliability and safety in manufacturing refrigerating equipments for food industry. The main business of the company consists of the most appropriate use of “cold” for refrigeration and storage of agro-foodstuffs, drying and seasoning of cold cuts and cheese, grain chilling in silos and truck refrigeration. The range of products offered covers the whole cold chain and it is the biggest on the refrigeration market.



Energy efficient display cases and state-of-the-art refrigeration systems are what Zero Zone is known for. Established in 1961, Zero Zone is a leading manufacturer of refrigerated display cases and commercial refrigeration systems for supermarkets, drug, dollar, and convenience stores. With display case plants in North Prairie and Waukesha, WI and a refrigeration systems plant in Ramsey, MN, Zero Zone also manufactures industrial refrigeration systems for cold storage, food processing, pharma, and ice arenas.

As a responsible environmental steward, we are actively developing and testing new refrigeration systems which utilize natural refrigerants like CO2, ammonia and glycol. We are focused on perfecting “Green” technologies to solve our customers’ current and future refrigeration requirements, while protecting the planet we all share.


ZHEJIANG XINGXING REFRIGERATION CO., LTD. Is the major subsidiary of XINGXING GROUP CO., LTD. which is specializing in developing and producing refrigerator (freezer) for more than 29 years. Production and sales of XINGX freezer ranked the forefront of the industry for many years, Our annual turnover break through 4 billion in 2015. XINGX has been honored “China Famous Brand”, “China Famous Product”, “China Exportation Name Brand” ,etc. Our products are exported to North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa, more than 160 countries and regions. We have established long-term business relationships with the world-wide famous partners such as LG, Electrolux, Danby, Unilever, ABInbev and so on Committing itself to the pursuit of high-quality living for consumers all over the world, based on the attitude to perfect quality, XINGX improves product functionality continuously. XINGX leads to Multi-trend life enjoyment by delivering superior quality


50 years of experience has made ZIEGRA one of the leading specialist companies in the world, which exclusively deals with industrial ice machines and technology associated with it: from small laboratory machines, medium-sized machines for trade and processing, to large fully-automatic equipment for industry.